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1986 - Max Donigan sets off on a treasure hunt with his friend Leo and newly-acquired partner Patricia, who provided the treasure map. Along the way they encounter a few bar fights, evil "coyotes", and other obstacles they are able to overcome with ease. When they find the temple with the treasure of gold, they also find the Firewalker, who wants to retain the power of his ancestors and put an end to the trio's treasure hunt. In the end, Max and his two friends persevere and return home wealthy. Original title: Firewalker Director: J.Lee Thompson Cast: Chuck Norris, Louis Gossett Jr., Melody Anderson
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20,000 leagues under the sea

2002 - In the late nineteenth century, ships are attacked by a strange whale. An expedition trying to discover something about it, is the subject of one of his attacks. Several of the passengers fall into the sea, but are picked up by the crew of a submarine called the Nautilus. At your command is Captain Nemo, a cultivated man who knows the fantastic underwater world like nobody. Genre: Western Director: Warwick Gilbert Actors: Tom Burlinson, Colin Burgundian, Paul Woodson
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2014 - Production year: 1982 Genre: Drama Directed by Steven Hilliard Stern Starring: Tom Hanks, Wendy Crewson, David Wallace, Chris Makepeace, Synopsis: When in 1980 a student at the University of Pennsylvania mysteriously disappears, is found to belong to a group of students obsessed with a fantastic game "Mazes and Monsters". Together they had created a world of dazzling treasures fictitious terrors and able to fill them with satisfaction, but took a step beyond what is allowed and actually turned the game.
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2014 - Bazz looks like a black rubber ball, you're excited as a puppy. Each episode, Bazz, follows the adventures when he discovers something new. Absurd and very funny.  
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1974 - Genre: Drama Directed by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, Ian Bannen, Guido Mannari, Mona Washbourne, Luigi Squarzina, Maxence Mailfort, Andy Warhol, Anita Bartolucci, Gino Giuseppe Synopsis: Lisa, a schizophrenic spinster, travels from his home in London to Rome, with a disturbing agenda to find romance with any man who wants to please his fatal desires related death wish, which make bizarre live events ...
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Zarzuela: Hawks

2013 - This representation makes a clear description of the Indian-characterized by the role of John in this zarzuela, who returns to his village full of riches and is received as honored guest the honor of visiting, all gifts envy has brought the relatives, who by this fact and feel rich. Upon reaching the village, John recognizes Rosaura, daughter Adriana who was the love of his youth. John to feel influential and you can get all your money trying to woo Rosaura and proposes to her, knowing her mother is offended and disappointed, because it was his childhood sweetheart.
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Zarzuela: The song of forgetting

2013 - The new tastes Madrid in early twentieth century had been displaced sainetesco cutting works and popular, to make way for new shows as operetta variedades.El magazine and booklet is a simple plot, well-run, in which represent all features please the genre of operetta, recreating a romantic environments, with scenes of great lyricism. This was the first work of famed duo Sarachaga librettists Federico Romero and Guillermo Fernández Shaw-Iturralde, is appreciated bases his theater, to create solid frames, well-drawn characters, acompañadosde one elegant and inspired verse.
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Murphy´s Law

1986 - Original title: Murphy´s Law Year of production: 1986 Genre:  Action Director: J. Lee Thompson Cast: Charles Bronson, Kathleen Wilhoite, Carrie Snodgress Synopsis:  An action-packed thriller starring Charles Bronson as Jack Murphy, a cop who is running to stay alive long enough to even the score with his wife's killer.
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Twist of Fate

1988 - Original title:  Twist of Fate Year of production: 1988 Genre: Suspense Director: Stephen Seemayer Cast: Victoria Van Harris, Donald Nardini, Corby Timbrook, Angel Ashley, Kim Waltrip Synopsis: A journalist tries to raise his program rating investigating the seedy night world. A sadistic series of murders involves this journalist.    
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Old Scores

1991 - Original title:  Old Scores Year of production: 1991 Genre: Sports Nationality: New Zealand Director: Alan Clayton Cast: John Bach, Tony Barry, Roy Billing, Alison Bruce, Robert Bruce, Robert Pugh Synopsis: Former Welsh rugby hero Bleddyn Morgan has his life in New Zealand interrupted by a deathbed confession that leads to a replay of a controversial 1966 All Blacks/Wales rugby match - with the original teams. The now old men pull on their jerseys one more time while Morgan deals with his past on his return home.  
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The night visitor

1971 - Year of production:  1971 Genre:  Terror Nationality: USA/Sweden Director:  Laslo Benedek Cast: Max von Sydow, Trevor Howard, Liv Ullmann Synopsis: A man named Salem escapes from an insane asylum where he was confined for an axe-murder. Falsely convicted under a plea of "guilty due to insanity", he does not plan to let his sister and her husband forget that they were responsible for the murder of a farmhand and for his cruel imprisonment in the asylum  
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Start Time

1992 - Original title: Start time Year of production: 1992 Genre: Drama Nationality: USA Director: Alexander Cassini Cast: Michael St. Gerard, John P. Ryan, Maureen Teefy Synopsis: A confused misfit becomes suicidal when his favorite TV show is cancelled. An agent promises to make him a TV star if he kills certain people, so he becomes "The Baby Mask Killer.  
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