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Raul and Villa, Global Ambassadors League

01/06/2015 - Raul Gonzalez and David Villa have been appointed in New York, Global Ambassadors of La Liga.
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Multilinguismo: el tejido de la identidad europea

20/02/2015 - Speaking in his native tongue is a basic right for MEPs, but how Parliament avoids a cacophony of biblical proportions? As Umberto Eco said, "the language of Europe is translation."
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Is it time to adjust the transparency of lobbies

20/02/2015 - The new Transparency Register aims to end the opaque practices of lobbyists in the EU, but is it effective? We interviewed Sylvie Guillaume MEP who heads the matter.
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Latest from Kourou

12/02/2015 - Both IXV and Vega are now ready on the Launchpad at Centre Spatial Guyanais. Filled and covered with sensors this spacecraft will give Europe the chance to test new re-entry technologies during its flight. Getting a spacecraft off the ground is hard enough, but getting it back to Earth safely is a real challenge. With IXV ESA wants to test new aerodynamic solutions, innovative structures and materials, advanced guidance navigation and control laws and understand how they behave under the very harsh conditions of atmospheric re-entry.
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The future of the steel industry

06/02/2015 - Steel production was the mainstay of growth in Europe, but now, its decline leaves thousands of people unemployed. Will Europe to find a new place for steel as a pillar of innovation and energy.
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Improving the European economy

04/02/2015 - MEPs discuss possible solutions to the economic crisis with national deputies, who want boost growth.
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Rally Monte Carlo 2015

30/01/2015 - Stunning images of past Red Bull Rally held in Monte Carlo.
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Syriza: European reactions to his victory

28/01/2015 - Reactions Brussels on Greece and the electoral victory of the radical left Syriza party and its consequences for the euro are put at stake.
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Security and freedom: a complex balance

28/01/2015 - After the attacks of Paris and the alarming rise of radicalism, MEPs seek a balance between effective security and preservation of individual liberties.
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Red Bull Crashed Ice 2015

26/01/2015 - A record crowd of up to 140,000 fans gathered to cheer and enjoy the 15th edition of the Red Bull Crashed Ice, where spectacular surprises and amazing stunts in the longest run of the season occurred.
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The ECB opens the tap of money

23/01/2015 - MEPs reactions to the program of the ECB to buy debt in the amount of 60,000 million euros a month to revive the economies of the eurozone.
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Trade agreement EU-US

22/01/2015 - The debate on the ATCI (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) continues. Critics warn of lower quality levels, while his supporters see him as an increase of wealth and growth on both sides of the Atlantic.
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