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Manga por Hombro (13 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Karla and Sergio , two actors unemployed and tired of struggling with economic instability , have a plan : to make a number and hang it on the internet.
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Cañas Temp.2 (8 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Can we live of art?For Carol (Eva Lago) is not possible to live like that.  Although Fernando (Francesc Tamarité) has a different theory about it, if you try, if you think about it and struggles, you can if Living Art.
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Cañas (8 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Cesar and Daniel discuss about the method of Stanislavksi while they drink a beer. Until it reaches Oscar and breaks up the conversation, desperate for another decline of Real Zaragoza.
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Dreaming is free, Temp.3 (9 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Ibai is a person with Down syndrome . That wastes mischief , joy and smiles wherever he can be seen . Ibai is no different than anyone else. The only difference I can see is that never abandons its objectives but there are people who think you can not do them. It is an example of the differences and the difficulties the mark others, not ourselves.
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Dreaming is free, Temp.2 (10 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Triki is not just a fictional character . Triki is a being affected by the crisis, the cuts and in this case by the increase in VAT . We know what happened to him after a full success that failed to manage life.
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Dreaming is free, Temp.1 (12 CHAPTERS)

2015 - When you walk absorbed in your mobile phone , oblivious to the world around you , stumbled can change your day. It 's time for the men in black .
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Dolls (5 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Iziar (Natalia Moreno), a bright, intelligent but perfectly neurotic, obsessive compulsive journalist. A woman tries to keep his distance from everyone and full of anger but also fears
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Terrakas (6 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Siempre ha habido grandes preguntas para el ser humano. Intentamos responder a una de las más importantes: ¿De dónde viene Terrakas? Autentia y freaklances project. Con Julio Garma, Daniel Moreno, Pakito Segura, Julio César García, Alba Banegas y Jesús Valbuena. Animación: Alex Otero y Cristina F. Alvariño. Voces en animaciones: Daniel Moreno, Pakito Segura, Julio César García, Alba Banegas, Jesús Valbuena, Alfonso Moreno y Cristina Moreno. Música: Melodía y Media. Idea original de la serie Roberto Canales. Dirección de la serie Julio Garma. Realización y Montaje: David Ruiz.
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Freaklances - Temp.3 (3 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Crises are times of change, a priori worse, but often yield new opportunities. Companies lay off much of their workforce and is a great opportunity for freelancers, able to get the job done without creating obligations on the employer, other than to pay? Begins a new exciting project but ... Where is Fausto?
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Freaklances - Temp.2 (8 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Second season begins! Fausto seemed not get survive the first, but the truth is we do not know if it will have the strength to start the second. What will happen Will you sign the contract? No? ROI is the father or been scammed? Maxi is an avatar or traveled to Spain? the show begins
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Freaklances - Temp.1 (8 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Have you ever worked in conventional or interactive advertising on your own account? Do you sell your photos to the highest bidder? Have you ever been working in a company as autonomous for a long time? Have you ever created instructional scripts for e-learning at home? Have you ever dealt with indipendent video? If you've affirmatively answered to any of these questions -- don't doubt -- you are, or have been "Freaklance".
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Mocland (13 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Lalo, Mina, Gobi and Lilium, inhabitants of Mocland planet, travel through Gul Pletoris Galaxi in search of a mineral that will help them save their planet.Stories of Mocland is not only entertaining; it also addresses issues related to the preservation of the environment and the sustainability of energy resources, and its sotorylines bring out educational values such as companionship, solidarity, respect and cultural diversity.
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