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(CHAPTER 1) Cañas Temp.2, Live Art

2015 - Can we live of art?For Carol (Eva Lago) is not possible to live like that.  Although Fernando (Francesc Tamarité) has a different theory about it, if you try, if you think about it and struggles, you can if Living Art.
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(CHAPTER 2) Cañas Temp.2, Created from the crap (or from nothing)

2015 - Gonzalo (Fernando Rojo) is depressed. Unlike his friends, using beer as an escape from this depression spends his days in his room looking to make something productive of all the crap that has been stuck.In the bar, Manuel (Rafa Cadena), Luis (Oscar Garcia), Daniel (Christian Andrade) and Oscar (Roberto Millan) are in the bar watching Real Zaragoza - Ponferradina, the party goes wrong, the team hand fails to generate any dangerous play against the opposing team. It is when they remember that in real life are all well, no chance, no opportunity to make a goal. Gonzalo arrives, after having been missing many days, it will take some beers with friends and who knows how to tell what happens. We found parallels between the game and the life of each created from hell, or from scratch, is the only salvation.
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(CHAPTER 3) Cañas Temp.2, The War

2015 - César (Guilherme Oliveira) at the end of Chapter 2 brings a DVD with a short film. The film is titled "War" where Caesar and Oscar (Roberto Millan) play two military surrounded by the enemy in a war where everyone is killing each other, these two military do not quite know what to do, how to end this absurd war. All they know is that if they do nothing, they will be annihilated.
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(CHAPTER 4) Cañas Temp.2, Casting

2015 - Patricia (Julia Lenguaraz) points to a casting, even if not renumbered.  Manuel (Rafa Cadena) sees her crying in a bar, he decides to go and see what happens. While Patricia's telling him, we see this as she tried casting. Manuel will not shut up and explodes, also tired of “mamoneo  that in this type of event, with people who consider themselves superior because the other is doing a test, in which fit them Sergio (Victor Navarro) and Sofia  (Marina Garbayo ) decide who goes for this and who is not.
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(CHAPTER 5) Cañas Temp.2, Everything's gonna be alright

2015 - Sandra (Sonia Luis) returns to France after spending a season there and acting training as an actress. Meet your friends for a beer and throw this conversation the main theme is like being an actor in another country. A descontraído, laughter and some criticism, which reflects well what is going to take some beers with friends you have not seen long time.
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(CHAPTER 6) Cañas Temp.2, The Dwarf Bastard

2015 - The midget bastard, always telling fucking ourselves the life that we can not do this and that ..What we have prepared?
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(CHAPTER 7) Cañas Temp.2, Virgin Mary

2015 - A Susana (Alba Gallego) caught him in an agency, but now expect a meeting with one of the officers (Oscar Castro).As much as you explain what kind of school study, what kind of experience you have, the only thing that matters is whether ... Well, if you can do .... If you are willing to .... If you have never done. Susana .. will accept these conditions for the sake of her acting career?
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(CHAPTER 8) Cañas Temp.2, The Penultimate Beer

2015 - In this final chapter Cañas, 3 lifelong friends gather to throw a rod. Memories, anecdotes, different emotions accompanied by a beer and a couple of cigarettes.Last chapter of this webseries with the two seasons together 16 chapters, almost two hours of talks, dialogues that we always have in our daily life, some we love to record for how special they are, ruptures, pickups, disappointments, philosophy, theater , cinema .. and much more that can happen at a table with two or more people and a beer, coffee, wine, tea, etc .;
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