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(CHAPTER 1) Manga por Hombro, Arthouse

2015 - Karla and Sergio , two actors unemployed and tired of struggling with economic instability , have a plan : to make a number and hang it on the internet.
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(CHAPTER 2) Manga por Hombro, The attack scripts

2015 - Made casting, plays to the scripts of the series. Karla and Sergio have different concepts about gender to be addressed . Sergio only inspires him sexual content but Karla wants to show that also has a romantic side. Meanwhile, Karla is not as sensitive as it seems ...
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(CHAPTER 3) Manga por Hombro, Subliminal message in a bottle

2015 - Karla cross Sergio and economic problems. If you do not get the money they cut electricity and water and may not Laserie finished filming . Sergio has an idea: Meter advertising. Something that can give them certain benefits. But that will not go as well as expected
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(CHAPTER 4) Manga por Hombro, Me, myself and my boss

2015 - Between work and the shooting , Sergio is overwhelmed. To have more time to Laserie he has an idea to sleep with her ​​boss . What Sergio know it is that just put the enemy at home.
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(CHAPTER 5) Manga por Hombro, Something about Luis

2015 - After issuing four chapters of the series, Karla decides it's time to introduce the characters so that the public is not lost. When put to it they realize that nobody knows Luis .
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(CHAPTER 6) Manga por Hombro, The Director's Cut

2015 - Sergio wants to direct his first chapter but Karla and Mario do not see very clear. Despite what they tell their peers, Sergio continues.
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(CHAPTER 7) Manga por Hombro, If you criticize criticize

2015 - As you get to know your number , Karla and Sergio are more exposed to criticism for his work . That will lead them to try to improve the scripts and the relationships between the characters , although with dubious success .
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(CHAPTER 8) Manga por Hombro, Resolved unresolved sexual tension

2015 - Karla and Sergio had long been trying to create sexual tension between the characters Laserie . Karla now seeks something happens between Sergio and Luis , but end up resorting to the help of Laura .
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(CHAPTER 9) Manga por Hombro, Twilight - ass

2015 - Karla and Sergio have had an idea :the next chapter will vampire ! The problem is they do not have any actor who can play the role of master vampire, but luck will end up knocking at your door .
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(CHAPTER 10) Manga por Hombro, The music ... or not

2015 - Sergio Karla and gender not given more conducive to their series. They probadocon comedy, drama , thriller and even horror. However, they find an unexpected and interesting option . Shoot a musical.
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(CHAPTER 11) Manga por Hombro, With the cameo on the heels

2015 - Karla, Sergio and carry a time considering how to make your number has more audience. After much thought , they conclude that they need to get a famous make a cameo.
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(CHAPTER 12) Manga por Hombro, Take the money and run ... to spend

2015 - When Karla is about to give up, he gets a call from a producer who wants to buy the series, but the producer does not have Sergio.Karla will have to decide whether to stay with your fellow sufferer or sells the best- bidder and continue without him
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