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(CHAPTER 1) Freaklances - Temp.1, The Reborning

2015 - Have you ever worked in conventional or interactive advertising on your own account? Do you sell your photos to the highest bidder? Have you ever been working in a company as autonomous for a long time? Have you ever created instructional scripts for e-learning at home? Have you ever dealt with indipendent video? If you've affirmatively answered to any of these questions -- don't doubt -- you are, or have been "Freaklance".
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(CHAPTER 2) Freaklances - Temp.1, ROI

2015 - ROI is a Freelance Marketing Consultant, he is a "winner", he likes to measure everything, even he isn't a tailor. In this chapter he requires Fausto's services for an interesting project. Will they get on well?
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(CHAPTER 3) Freaklances - Temp.1, The Show Must Go On

2015 - Rosa is a psychologist specialized in apprenticeship and machine-men interaction, she knows more then Mark Zuckerberg -- the facebook creator -- about social nets. She works as a "dependent" autonomous in an interactive agency. The funtion and the user represent the beginning and the end, the design is, for her, an avoidable problem.
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(CHAPTER 4) Freaklances - Temp.1, The Prize

2015 - We introduce you to Dario Diez Dominguez (3D), he's illustrator, designer and a real encyclopedia of the absurd, he is the only person who reads the entire terms of a contract when he instals a software or signs in a web.
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(CHAPTER 5) Freaklances - Temp.1, The Converse Process

2015 - We introduce Maximiliano Martin Panucci (Maxi), he's a graphic designer. When he reads a book, he firstly enjoys the typography and then the argument. His alphabet is "Pantonera Coated", he´s a smart aleck by his language skills.
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(CHAPTER 6) Freaklances - Temp.1, Framing, lens and shooting

2015 - We open the door to Javi Laredo, freaklance photographer. His camara is greater than his car, only his Ego is bigger than his camara. He moved to digital photo only three months ago. Moreover, ladies, if you are offered a Book... just don't trust.
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(CHAPTER 7) Freaklances - Temp.1, Point and Croma

2015 - It's Karla Cobo's turn, the last Freaklance character. Karla is video and movie-maker. She doesn't distinguish the reality weather it isn't through her camara, which, according to her, isn't able to lie. Karla is distant but pretty. If you manage to be focused by her camara -- it means that you do exist.
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(CHAPTER 8) Freaklances - Temp.1, The Borning

2015 - The cirle closes, we've started with Fausto's Reborning and we close with the Borning, what is the meaning? What new adventures will the future of Fausto offer to us? There were 8 chapters of laughing, surprises, frustrations, lack of taste and cheerfulness. We hope we'll return as soon as possible --  freaks from all around the world.
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