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(CHAPTER 1) Freaklances - Temp.2, Brainstorming

2015 - Second season begins! Fausto seemed not get survive the first, but the truth is we do not know if it will have the strength to start the second. What will happen Will you sign the contract? No? ROI is the father or been scammed? Maxi is an avatar or traveled to Spain? the show begins
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(CHAPTER 2) Freaklances - Temp.2, Avatar

2015 - It is said nowadays we´re living two lives: the real one and the virtual one. Are we able to dissociate them? Are they linked together having no remedy? 3D does not only have two lifes, has three personalities, the third one deals with an avatar in this episode, the other two are to be discovered.
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(CHAPTER 3) Freaklances - Temp.2, The flee

2015 - It´s said Life consists of cycles, and when we achieve to get out of one of these cycles -- we miss to be there. We live in a constant escape from now on, in order to come back to what we leave behind.
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(CHAPTER 4) Freaklances - Temp.2, The future I

2015 - We're living in uncertain times, when communication has turned into disseminating information. We now have more information available than ever, more communication devices than ever, more friends and contacts than ever..., but are we really communicating to each other or are we just shouting in the middle of a crowd? Has personal computing brought us freedom or has it enslaved us? Do we remember the old days with nostalgia or with disdain
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(CHAPTER 5) Freaklances - Temp.2, The future II

2015 - There is a saying which states that: ¨any period of time from the past was better¨. Fausto and 3D are happy in the´80s, how easy it is to develop yourself in a well-known environment with knowledge acquired for decades! But, could we live in any place or time or, do we belong to the place and to the era we are living in? Could we manage to say something so freak as ¨I miss my mobile phone!¨?
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(CHAPTER 6) Freaklances - Temp.2, The future III

2015 - The present is gloomy, indomitable, it brings no peace to our lives, as we don't know what tomorrow will bring. However, the past is friendly, familiar, we've lived it and analysed it many times and it gives us confidence. It's like the mother's uterus where there were no unsolvable problems...  but what if our past didn't have that component that makes us happy?. In that case, long live tomorrow!
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(CHAPTER 7) Freaklances - Temp.2, Success

2015 - We are competing in an ongoing race to be successful at work, be promoted, get more clients, earn more money, buy more stuff that's more and more expensive... But what happens when we achieve all that? Is there such a thing as sacrifice? They always say it's lonely at the top. Do we want to be there?
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(CHAPTER 8) Freaklances - Temp.2, End of Project

2015 - Every project has a beginning, an end which is usually more diffuse, when it ends? When it is delivered to the customer? When do you bill? When do we charge? Or when all errors from modifications or close? Freaklances presents its 'End of project' of you and we will determine whether updates. Fausto and 3D live a new life full of success, but is better life? Would you like to be rich? We played an exciting stage that has left its mark. We hope you continue to make its characters and their stories laugh remembering your history.Thank you freaks!
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