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(CHAPTER 0) Terrakas, Making Terrakas

2015 - There have always been big questions for humans. We try to answer one of the most important: Where does Terrakas? Autentia and freaklances project. Julio Garma, Daniel Moreno, Pakito Segura, Julio Cesar Garcia, Alba Banegas and Jesus Valbuena. Animation: Alex Otero and Cristina F. Alvariño. Voices in animation: Daniel Moreno, Pakito Segura, Julio Cesar Garcia, Alba Banegas, Jesus Valbuena, Alfonso Moreno and Cristina Moreno. Music: Melody and Media. Brainchild of Roberto Canales . Julio Garma Director series. Making and Editing: David Ruiz.
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(CHAPTER 1) Terrakas, Pale Blue Dot

2015 - How should inadvertently invade another planet? How should that aliens invade your planet and you do not know it? What comes out of a mixture of a clash of cultures separated by a handful of light years? Attentive to their screens, which will see then be etched in the history of space. Consider a lucky person. Within many years I can say that from ... I was there to see it. After several months of intergalactic travel, Terrakas has finally arrived, a hilarious animated series that will surprise you. Created by Autentia and produced by the creators of freaklances.
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(CHAPTER 2) Terrakas, Lost objects, found vices

2015 - Pollux, Anser Vega and continue the titanic and tireless search for the parts to repair his ship and return to Nimbus 17-29. This time will face a relentless negotiator, a mutual attraction, deep throat and the Civil Guard.
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(CHAPTER 3) Terrakas, All for the money

2015 - We all know that money makes the planet, the galaxy, the whole cosmos. Create hick town with Ferraris and grandmothers with teenage boyfriends. With it you can do almost anything. Live like a king, kill four dollars, and even make love for a couple of tickets. Only slight problem in this. Find a way out of the bank vault.
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(CHAPTER 4) Terrakas, Terraka for a day

2015 - Terraka for a day ... Can Pólux survive this hard experience ????
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(CHAPTER 5) Terrakas, A place in the world

2015 - Only we have: find the nuclear generator, charging the battery of neutrons and get out of this filthy planet. With this statement we receive Anser. And where they have gone to get all that stuff? A Gibraltar, of course. Repair nuclear submarines there ... right?
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(CHAPTER 6) Terrakas, Goodbay Cruel Terrakas

2015 - The pursuit of our heroes comes to an end, they have all the parts to repair his ship, but some unexpected enemies face planted them. They will overcome this battle? or other enemies are much closer?
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