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(CHAPTER 1) Dreaming is free, Temp.1, Good flan

2015 - When you walk absorbed in your mobile phone , oblivious to the world around you , stumbled can change your day. It 's time for the men in black .
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(CHAPTER 2) Dreaming is free, Temp.1, Guitar Hero

2015 - He talks like them, dress like them and could even teach them new poses to their favorite rockers. In a game of one on one to humiliate himself Mercury but the reality meets on his way .
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(CHAPTER 3) Dreaming is free, Temp.1, Internet

2015 - In most households have a computer and an Internet terminal . This has meant that older people learn to surf the net or investigate search engine . There are thousands of them online, but none like ours.
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(CHAPTER 4) Dreaming is free, Temp.1, Negociable price

2015 - Advertising is something that haunts us left and right . But what about those ads with less glamor than standing with cello at any corner of the city ? We are convinced that after this episode , you will be more than interesting.
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(CHAPTER 5) Dreaming is free, Temp.1, Fuel

2015 - Take the hair in the wind . Speakers in your Renault 21 resound throughout the city , permeating every corner of the rock looming . You're the king of the city but you're running out of gas and do not have a penny. Do not worry. We teach you how to remain a person who sets the trend .
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(CHAPTER 6) Dreaming is free, Temp.1, Billetardo

2015 - A globetrotting rebel watermelon and gets in the way of a person who loses 5 euros. How will end the match ? Rather Coincidence or causality ?.
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(CHAPTER 7) Dreaming is free, Temp.1, Banquia

2015 - There is a bank par excellence that has been in the history of the economic crisis the benefit to be rescued with billions of public capital. However , in the not too distant future , renamed " Banquia " . This also change offices and how to serve their customers , which will be treated as they deserve .
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(CHAPTER 8) Dreaming is free, Temp.1, Telecirco

2015 - There are people who have worn button 5 of its control . Who they like gossip and scripted discussions but we must never lose hope. Hoping to enjoy a televison and a more upscale audience to have a culture at the same height .
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(CHAPTER 9) Dreaming is free, Temp.1, Bikini operation

2015 - Warking  hours in the gym in the gym . Diet of chicken and pasta. Money on food supplements. Son para Habits of which our hero is not born . Still it Demonstrates that wit is better than strength, · When talking about trying to conquer a woman.
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(CHAPTER 10) Dreaming is free, Temp.1, Cash

2015 - You go to an ATM to get cash or look at your bills when suddenly,surprise! We are introducing the ATM of the future and the dream .
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(CHAPTER 11) Dreaming is free, Temp.1, Sex machine

2015 - Had you heard of it , your friends, your sisterto your father told you about it! and you've finally released . So many expectations deserve a celebration in style .
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(CHAPTER 12) Dreaming is free, Temp.1, Manoletino

2015 - You put on a good high heels are uncomfortable but who said that to be beautiful had to be free . Sales outside and that suffering has taken the form of " Manoletino " an elegant and traditional individual prepared with your box of chocolates and bouquet of flowers. It will not be easy to get rid of it but if you succeed , it will all be worthwhile.
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