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(CHAPTER 1) Dreaming is free, Temp.2, A lack of good bread are cookies

2015 - Triki is not just a fictional character . Triki is a being affected by the crisis, the cuts and in this case by the increase in VAT . We know what happened to him after a full success that failed to manage life.
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(CHAPTER 2) Dreaming is free, Temp.2, Stress postvacacional

2015 - You get bored at home. and you're there . Sitting . In the same couch every evening . The next door neighbors do not stop love each other to be a strong movement , brings down a camera that you had not remembered . This camera is a dreamer like you.
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(CHAPTER 3) Dreaming is free, Temp.2, Pescatore

2015 - Are you sick of the city and go to a river to fish . Hang the rod, open a can of beer and waiting to bite as the hours pass . You're the king of the country . While you've forgotten the burner and make fire with stones you do not see a serious option . Tranquil @ . Dreams and everything will be solved.
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(CHAPTER 4) Dreaming is free, Temp.2, Student

2015 - " Empollín " is the dream of every student. Observe the instructions of this medicine and check with your nearest dreamer.
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(CHAPTER 5) Dreaming is free, Temp.2, Spanish omelette

2015 - A generation burned by the political and social disillusionment. Overwhelmed by the crisis who thinks that to survive , continues its march toward an uncertain future , doing things the same way they have always done. But the generations that come from below, have much to teach . .
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(CHAPTER 6) Dreaming is free, Temp.2, Nomofobia

2015 - There are people who can not live without moving and without control everything instant messaging applications allow . Something a little sinister is not it ?.
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(CHAPTER 7) Dreaming is free, Temp.2, In nomine patris

2015 - In the age of technology we do not renounce the faith , at least in the dreams. However tired we live the impunity that certain people , being representatives of this or that religion. We are not against one, we are against the immunity enjoyed .
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(CHAPTER 8) Dreaming is free, Temp.2, If I were a rich man

2015 - One euro coin freewheel tripping over a young passer and he decides to use. A very dreamy vending machine will be the average for new adventures , which show us that "no need to be rich to be happy."
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(CHAPTER 9) Dreaming is free, Temp.2, Democracy

2015 - At election time necessary to review the various policy options that are available . We will show the other reality of the electoral programs . Which would you choose ? A ghost , who tells the truth …
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(CHAPTER 10) Dreaming is free, Temp.2, Home, sweet home

2015 - Rafael can not pay a bill . He's waiting in the hall an extreme situation until he decides to go to the bathroom.
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