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(CHAPTER 1) Dreaming is free, Temp.3, Dreams, drums and rock & roll

2015 - Ibai is a person with Down syndrome . That wastes mischief , joy and smiles wherever he can be seen . Ibai is no different than anyone else. The only difference I can see is that never abandons its objectives but there are people who think you can not do them. It is an example of the differences and the difficulties the mark others, not ourselves.
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(CHAPTER 2) Dreaming is free, Temp.3, Insert coin

2015 - You've got it. You are you only , the bar just for you and that stunning girl I never dare you speak , no companion. You feel elated and ready to give everything but be careful at the time. You have to know to flee in time .
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(CHAPTER 3) Dreaming is free, Temp.3, Not long for San Fermin

2015 - Sings a popular song that San Fermines are a party like no other . So much so that any situation is good to dream with them.
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(CHAPTER 4) Dreaming is free, Temp.3, Forbidden to forbid

2015 - Nothing is more exhausting than a dream world where you banned
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(CHAPTER 5) 3x05 AMOR DE PELOTAS, Love balls

2015 - What would you be willing to do for your precious ball? There are relationships that never understand or comprehend lives . But we can ensure that if you dream and live intensely , the destination can only wait for you pleasant surprises .
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(CHAPTER 6) Dreaming is free, Temp.3, Cinema Paradiso

2015 - When you go to the cinema there are always people who leave the film in the background . They have paid the entrance and are entitled to do whatever they please. If you are of the latter hope you never crosses our protagonist.
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(CHAPTER 7) Dreaming is free, Temp.3, Exemplary citizen

2015 - Karma exists and proof of that is this dream where the suspicious people going to help others justice is done
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(CHAPTER 8) Dreaming is free, Temp.3, Spinning Fine

2015 - It's time to stop being a figure over evictions or abuse of banking. It's time to dream with our revenge and suffer in their flesh the difficulties we face
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(CHAPTER 9) Dreaming is free, Temp.3, Good silver looks are not

2015 - After a night of good bars and unique moments , it's time to retire home. Particularly our Indy Jones undertake the most difficult and complex adventure that has faced so far. Pilgrims lords who try to confuse your way ... Just like just know , if you can survive until the end .
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