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Mocland (13 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Lalo, Mina, Gobi and Lilium, inhabitants of Mocland planet, travel through Gul Pletoris Galaxi in search of a mineral that will help them save their planet.Stories of Mocland is not only entertaining; it also addresses issues related to the preservation of the environment and the sustainability of energy resources, and its sotorylines bring out educational values such as companionship, solidarity, respect and cultural diversity.
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Andaluna y Samir (13 CHAPTERS)

2015 - The Adventures of Andaluna, Samir and his charming group of friends covers  didactic topics such as child rights , integration of people with disabilities, gender equality or the importance of healthy diet and exercise, in an entertaining way.
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Andaluna's (13 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Andaluna's songs covers  didactic topics such as children's rights , integration of people with disabilities, gender equality or the importance of having a healthy diet and exercise, all in a fun an entertaining way.
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Chili Girl (13 CHAPTERS)

2014 - Among our productions aimed at children, we have this fantastic series. DOMO ANIMATO is an animation and design studio, created in 2010 in Bogotá, Colombia, that works in an interdisciplinary way with illustrators, writers, 3d artists, designers, 2d animators, programmers to give life to an infinity of stories and characters. They are passionate about two-dimensional imagery. Mixing techniques inspires them and drives them to keep creating and experimenting. They are devoted to created believable characters, however strange they may appear. In this production, everything revolves around Nina, a 13 year old girl who has to deal with her peculiar heart: a red hot chili. She acts as she feels without measuring the consequences of her acts, and that makes her injure some people around her. She is an only child, attends middle school, lives in an average neighborhood in a big city. Nina is impulsive, intelligent, intuitive and forgetful she wants be accepted the way she is. Sometimes enjoys circunstancial revenge taking advantage of the fact her peculiar heart has unpredictable effects on people. In the first chapter, Nina is sitting at her desk. She introduces us people belonging to her world while she draws Matthew and she with a heart, then cut the sheet in half, she closes it to her chili heart and it burns, she throws it out the window and falls straight to Pache mouth, happy he reacts and jumps through the roof.   • Director: Daniel Arce, Ximena Stahelin • Production: Domo Animato • Screenplay: Teidees SL • Production year: 2013 • Duration: 13 x 2' See all chapters
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