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El Juglar del Cid

2014 - • Full title: El Juglar del Cid - Tcure Teatro • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Historical Musical Comedy • Author: Pedro Daniel Villora • Synopsis: El Juglar del Cid is more than an entertaining montage of theater, it is a reflection on our history, brought with striking parallels to the XXI century. Two characters and following the structure of the Cantar de Mio Cid. A fast and fun first hand, precedes the development of the three Songs. Combine the epic, drama and poetry for they tell the story of the only preserved medieval epic almost entirely. In a room decorated with medieval, featuring songs recorded live music, and clear allusions to modern times, the function is developed and interacting with the public in a clear tone of humor, not to mention the rigor of the poem. Teaching, reviewed and fun. • Cast: Juanma Cifuentes , Israel Ruiz • Director: Juan Manuel Cifuentes
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The fire dragon

2014 - • Full title: Dragon Fire – La Cuarta Pared • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Drama • Synopsis: The permanent truth is unsustainable for our thinking and consciousness. It is as uncomfortable as a fist holding straws. • Cast: Andrea Arias, Gustavo Delfino • Director: Norberto Barruti  
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from above

2014 - Full title: From Above (Teatro Canalla) Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es Genre: Drama. drama Author: Alejandro Gadea, José Burgos Synopsis: In the key of humor, we present eleven situations, like Ariadne's thread to guide you through the maze of power, and so that Theseus, go out free from the greed of the Minotaur. Priests, mobsters, politicians and ordinary people write with their actions ... the immediate future. Cast: Alejandro Gadea, José Burgos Directed Paloma Montoro Artistic details: Jaime Tamariz  
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2014 - Headless, The, writer man, married to Mari Nieves. They walk towards a common project: fatherhood, motherhood. They, a parade of personal oracle are telling the difficult concept: an everyday choir trace multiple lines in the web of these two lives. History, a large cardboard box, paralyzing dreams of each. A public life invades every home, Bush and Aznar come into our privacy. Beheadings nonsense culminate in which private life becomes all history and as a scream, the woman asks: Write me something to go on stage now.
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Tales from the Desert

2014 - • Full title: Desert Tales (Cuentamundo) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Theatre. Narrative Tales • Author: Cuentamundo • Synopsis: In a tent on the sands meet the warmth of friendship, tea and dance, a group of writers who share with us some pictures of other lands, other sensibilities, other cultures. Accompanied by oriental dance rhythm that gives his words, we moved to the desert to tell us, to guide us on a wonderful journey through the traditions of the peoples living in the middle of the dunes. It's a show somewhere between storytelling and theater in which the audience of all ages enjoy superior entertainment. This is an interactive show in which children without public invited to collaborate in the telling of stories. • Performers: Juan Madrid, Dulce Ramos, Blanca Castillo, Fernando Martínez • Directed:  Cuentamundo • Dancer: Vanessa del Pozo (Merwa)
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With Death in Heels

2014 - Full title: Death in heels (Maribel Ibarz) Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es Genre: General Fiction. Cabaret. Author: Maribel Ibarz Synopsis: She's Babette Lacroix, who spent ten years performing from room to room, parriba suitcase suitcase pabajo with how good it is in a fixed theater ... She comes to give us joy, magic and color, but can not remedy, and between songs, just explaining his life and his memories as a chorus girl in "El Molino". Since its moth-eaten feathers, carrying a poignant elegance, we dance, we sing live, and tells the stories of 70 or more critical events highly topical, with an unlikely timelessness. Directed Maribel Ibarz
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Concentric Circles

2014 - • Full title : Concentric Circles (Teatro del filo) • Audiovisual Producer : i- tek.es • Genre: Drama. Dramatic Comedy • Author : Jesus Asensi • Synopsis : Love, hate, friendship, injustice , sex, psychotropic drugs and whiskey are the elements that revolve around the four characters that abound in this urban- contemporary tragicomedy. Federico , after a drunken , lustful night awake in bed Tamara . He immediately ensuing three small and inconvenient details of their recent past. The former, who has lost his job hours before by a problem with the administration , the second duplicate is father of two beautiful stems , and the third, as often happens in these cases is happily married . From one day to the peaceful existence of Federico crumbles transmuted in the hands of fate. Two unknown fearsome enemies and self management . The crisis is served. But misfortunes never come singly . Still has to meet Paul, the most competent union lawyer who will provide their services , along with a sincere friendship without concessions or losses . • Cast: Virginia Soap, Juan José Rodríguez , Jesús Asensi • Directed: Jesús Asensi
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Love of Don Perlimplín Belisa in the Garden

2014 - • Full title: Love of Don Perlimplín Belisa in the Garden (UC3M ) • Audiovisual Producer : i- tek.es • Genre: Drama Theatre • Author : Federico Garcia Lorca • Synopsis: Marcolfa , Perlimplín maid insists that his master marries the beautiful young Belisa , daughter of his neighbor, despite the suitor is much greater than the bride. Perlimplín and Belisa 's mother agree to the marriage. During the wedding night the protagonist falls in love with Belisa to see it through the slot in the door as she preens . It is found that Belisa has been unfaithful to Perlimplín that night with five different men . A mysterious young man who loves but nobody knows Belisa and Perlimplín is happy and insists on helping her find the young woman appears. Belisa at night to search for her lover to patio, Perlimplín arrives ready to kill him , and disappears into the woods shortly after entering the mysterious man in red , and his face covered with a wound in the heart . When he falls dying Belisa uncovers the face and discover with horror that is Perlimplín who had fallen in love itself. • Cast: Miguel Angel Coca , Almudena Rubiato , Adela Mora, Elizabeth Marina , Jesus Vilches , Laura González Cortón • Stage direction and dramaturgy : Abel González Melo, • Conducted Manuel Coves • Music: Frederic Mompou and Xavier Montsalvatge, • Sets and costumes : Javier Chavarria • Lighting Design: César Linares • Makeup and characterization : Rey Montesinos , Miriam Hernandez • Choreography: Eva Sanz, Belinda Jimenez, literary Advisory : José Luis García Barrientos, • Music Advisory : Enrique Viana • Acting training : Francesco Lane • Assistant director and production: Laura González Cortón , • Assistance to the musical direction : Jerónimo Marín • Assist illumination : Agustín Maza, Costume Assistance : Pilar Quintana • Editing the musical : Trito Ediciones • Clothing Costume : Sun Curiel • scenography Construction: Asymmetrical • Productions of Art and Design , • Graphic design : height x study.
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Ai! - De Mortimers

2014 - Ai! Occurs in the context of a great city in which De Mortimers have multiple characters and melodies. Platforms, scaffolding, antennas, jamming ... Everyday day, but a very special day. Rhythm chopped, imagination and boundless humor. Scenery, costumes atresso and most comfortable, all carried out with pads, as they use their asses when they go to the bulls, or watch football. Live music is skeleton and soul of the show, and their notes and rhythms are part of it as the gesture and expression of the actors. Teleportation, long distance races, "Ostia", a show that smells like chewing gum trodden, taxi drivers, executives, suitcases, Japanese, Danish and some other Belgian ... short, Ai! A show an exclamation.
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35 mm

2014 - Full title: 35mm (La llave inglesa) Audiovisual Producer: i-tek.es Genre: Drama. Gestural Author: Yeyo Guerrero, Fausto Ansaldi Synopsis: Your own life told by two characters and a can. A show without words and live music. Directed: Yeyo Guerrero, Fausto Ansaldi
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The Last Look

2014 - • Full title : The last look (Miraclaun)• Audiovisual Producer : i- Tek.es• Genre : Children's Theatre . Overcoming loss• Author : Lourdes Leon• Synopsis: Our story begins with the intimate relationship between a mother and her daughter , Lara and Lili . Playing in his little secret place (which is nothing but a park that does not go anyone but them) . Everything is complicated when Lili 's mother must go, call for a long journey it must be present . The journey to a faraway place . Lili decides to wait for his mother in that same park. But what I do know is that it will plunge into the great adventure of his life, where a number of characters you will see from other points of view and their constant long wait. Lili does not accept that her mother will not be as she wants to be. That fear , that blind , not felt that the key to their hope is in his heart .• Cast: Lourdes Leon, Clara Piñero , Sweet Ramos , Veronica Perez, Maite Marin• Directed: Lourdes Leon
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Magick of Dr. Cuckoo – Palabra y Gesto

2014 - The Pizpireta adopted witch is a witch but a witch is not adapted. Pepa y Pepe, his adoptive parents, collected after his real parents disappeared on a Plop. "Making a complex spell. Worried that mates cole not accept or, even worse, they fear, not stop flying on broom, wearing hat cream cone, or do magic and, of course, he has left a very bad shadow that wants to force her to eat children. As Pizpireta is a good witch and does not engage in those duties because what she breakfast is like lizard tail and diplodocus mucus comes to see Dr. Cuckoo, medical wizard fantasy beings and this applies a treatment based on magic and stories to try to smile back.
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