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Fontaine Factory

2014 - • Full title : La Fontaine Factory (Ribalta teatro)• Audiovisual Producer: i- Tek.es• Genre : Children's Theatre . Friendship and support• Author : Jean de la Fontaine, Rafael Nascimento Aznar• Synopsis: Ribalta Theatre presents an exquisite selection of theatrical fables of Jean de la Fontaine, Rafael Aznar version , told by puppets and actors with a particular narrative . The story takes place in an abandoned factory of dreams and magic , where , surprisingly, the best known characters of this author are emerging to give life to myths and legends. Where do the stories that nobody reads ? What to do with those characters who gradually are lost in oblivion ? That same question Monsieur Cicada sitting on the chimneys of the old factory , remembering the good times, those where its creator , the great La Fontaine, flooded soils stories of so many children . After many years of struggling to keep the factory open , lost hope, decide to close all its stories inside, but ... what's that light seen hovering around the factory? Does a person ? A visitor ! A thief ...! Is it the right person ? Will you live or will these stories continue forgotten ... ?• Cast: Vanessa Terres, Andrés Ariza• Directed: Rafael Aznar
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La Bicharanga

2014 - • Full title : The Bicharanga (Ribalta Teatro) • Audiovisual Producer : i- tek.es • Genre : Children's Theatre . Classic Stories • Author : Marta López Valiña , Rafael Aznar Nascimento • Synopsis: BICHARANGA : company of puppeteers , acrobats , musicians and street theaters and walking daubs representing places : LA BICHARANGA : bugs group of aspiring musicians with skills Donkey, Dog, Hen and Gata who go in search of fame the big city. A trip to a place I dreamed . A journey to freedom . Here's how are these four friends. All have something in common : fleeing the oppression of their own to find a better place. • Cast: Antonio Reyes , Vanessa Terres, Amaya Carques , Marta Nib • Directed : Rafael Aznar
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The Happy Prince - Liberarte

2014 - Every year the swallows away from the cold. They fly to warmer places where the parrots chatter between them and the trees remain green. But there was one winter when one of the swallows did not flee the cold and destiny took her to the beautiful statue of the Happy Prince, located in the town's largest square. "Back when I was alive and human heart, did not know what tears were, I lived in the palace of carelessness, there came no sorrow ..."
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Jack and the Beanstalk

2014 - • Full title : Jack and the Beanstalk (La Maquineta) • Audiovisual Producer : i- tek.es • Genre : Children's Theatre . Classic Stories • Synopsis: This popular classic English tells the story of Jack , a noble boy and a dreamer who lives in poverty with his mother and his beloved cow Milky- white . His life takes a turn when changing the cow for five magic beans , and soon learn that the difference between a cow and a bean is a bean can begin an adventure. • Cast: Margot Marin, Ernesto Gil, Roberto Doctor, Yasmin Cerro , Fernando Sancerni , Maria Jesus de los Santos, Cristina Gómez , Eva Bedmar • Directed : Maria Jesus de los Santos, Roberto Doctor
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El petit circus

2014 - • Full title: The petit circus - The petit circus • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Children's Theatre. Circus • Synopsis: Povita and Flipo are two circus friends who travel the world in order to make you smile the hearts of animate and inanimate beings. They must remain on scene trying to survive the trials humorous that they have invented and manage to solve it in a fun way. During the show interacting with the audience in a subtle way, making him complicit in his antics. • Cast: Carolina Monedero and Cristian López • Directed Carolina Monedero • Choreography: Carolina Monedero and Cristian López • Arrangements and interpretation: David Gracia • Costume: Roberto Zarzosa
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Jesus' birthday

2014 - Full title: Jesus' birthday (Teatro Tradicional de Títeres de Chile) Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es Genre: Children's Theatre. Classic Stories. Author: Luisa Morales, Jaime Moran Synopsis: celebrating the birth of Jesus is narrated in a story with puppets. Cast: Jaime Moran, Maria Luisa Morales, Fernanda Morán
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The Small Circle of Chalk

2014 - • Full title: The Small Circle of Chalk (Metamorfosis) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Children's Theatre. Responsibility • Author: Alfonso Sastre • Synopsis: Two sweepers charlatans are in charge of cleaning up a "garbage crowded theater" but in him they find that there are some kids sitting there and decide to tell an interesting story in two parts: "The history of the Caucasian circle." In the first part, Paca, a girl working family, find travel and broken wrist that threw away Lolita, a girl with pesetas. When Paca gets rebuild the wrist, thanks to his friends and the shoemaker Balloon Lady, Lolita is the claim, because he says he is still property. And in Part Two, the Chinese Judge " Pao " must judge Lady “Ay," a servant who complains. Her boss lady has accused of being a " thief, sisona, bully, hussy, berganta, elephant face", of poisoning her husband and having kidnapped his heir. The proof of the small circle of chalk who will distribute justice. To tell the story theatrically proposal sweepers play to unfold the various characters in the original text of Sastre, and serve as abandoned toys and other discarded objects they encounter in the “theater full of garbage." • Cast: Yiyo Alonso, Juan Alberto Lopez • Directed: Metamorphosis
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Two Rascals and Fireman

2014 - • Full title: Two Rascals and Fireman (Cia Sin Fin & Educando al Fuego) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Children's Theatre. Fire Prevention • Authors: Rosi Tejera, Manuel Maté “Pacheco” Julio Garces • Synopsis: Playing hide and seek, Catalina and Serafin , who are crooks , they go up to the attic of grandfather who was a firefighter. There they discover amount of stuff they use to play travel. They find a mysterious chest that opens to say a few magic words. What secret does? TACHAN! ... A helmet, uniform hose and Grandpa go inside the trunk. FIREFIGHTERS we play? ... A prank Serafin cause a big mess in the attic. The phone call to 112 alerts you to his friend the firefighter Ding Ding Tilero that will help them pull the chestnuts out of the fire, explaining they have to do to prevent, avoid and react to fire. • Cast: Rosi Tejera, Manuel Maté " Pacheco " Julio Garces • Director: Paca Lopez
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Mrs. Witch Wants Friends

2014 - • Full title: Doña want friends Witch (The Stamp Theatre) • Audiovisual Producer: i-tek.es • Genre: Children's Theatre. friendship • Author: Concha Rodriguez • Synopsis: Mrs. Witch is boring, because nobody wants to play with her. The beautiful wood nymphs and reject the fear being different. Just know enough to know that the witch is a goofy, it could not hurt anyone. Only friendship can make her happy. We all need a friend. Expiring? Sweet friendship among nymphs and the horrible witch? • Cast: Joseph M. Duran Mangas, Concha Rodriguez, Marisa Zapata, Cristina Zapata • Directed Concha Rodríguez
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From Madrid to Heaven, but... What about before?

2014 - • Full title: From Madrid to heaven, but ... what about before? (Tarambana) • Audiovisual Producer: i-tek.es • Genre: Children's Theatre. History of Spain • Author: Eva Bedmar • Synopsis: An animated storyteller, which aims to bring the little ones and remember the great history of Madrid, with their kings, their battles, monuments, traditions, cultures and peoples who have inhabited from Madrid prehistoric origins until today. In this view of the history of Madrid, answers to why Madrilenians receive the nickname cats or where the name of the trail comes among other will be given. We offer the opportunity to experience Madrid as a living space where all work together for the same goal, to have an open, tolerant, supportive and where you can live very comfortably city. • Cast: Sara Párbole, Eva Bedmar • Director: Eva Bedmar
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Andrés Centipede

2014 - • Full title : Andrés Centipede (Karrusel Producciones) • Audiovisual Producer : i- tek.es • Genre : Children's Theatre . Help others • Author : Luis Miguel Lucas, Tamara Sanchez, Mary Ann Saldarriaga • Synopsis : The story of Lupita Freckles , a girl scout in a rainy afternoon lost in a forest where animals talk . In this intense journey , Lupita will encounter various creatures that ask for help to find out of the woods and go home . But to return to her family , Lupita must find a shoe Andres , a cute and colorful centipede offered to remove the problem, a change she recovers her slipper , without which it can not run or play . So Lupita mission will be to help and be helped to give to get . In this adventure you will be accompanied by curious beings like an old snail called Bb , a singsong flowers, a smug and Bootie snake, eagle evil . Children will learn the value of friendship , the importance of helping each other and pleased to be able to lend a hand when someone needs it . Will she find Lupita Sneaker Andrés Centipede? Will go home with the family? WE INVITE YOU TO DISCOVER YOURSELF ! • Cast: Luis Miguel Lucas, Tamara Sanchez, Mary Ann Saldarriaga • Directed : Karrusel Producciones
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1,2,3, Imagine

2014 - • Full title: 1,2,3 ... Imagine (Los Gorriones) • Audiovisual Producer: i-tek.es • Genre: Children's Theatre. creativity • Author: Enara Navarro, Inma González • Synopsis: It's a story full of surprises that includes the participation of children at all times. It's fun and, in turn, has a clear message: Encourage your child to use their imagination. The story begins when Mary Pizpireta you break your video game and boredom seizes it. That's when he invites her imagination to play and invent a fantasy world. From the moment Mary is introduced in an enchanted forest, his imagination, where you will find chatty flowers, magpies sleepers, a wise owl, an enchanted tree and many more surprises ... • Cast: Inma González, Navarro Enara • Directed : Los Gorriones  
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