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Andaluna y Samir (13 CHAPTERS)

2015 - The Adventures of Andaluna, Samir and his charming group of friends covers  didactic topics such as child rights , integration of people with disabilities, gender equality or the importance of healthy diet and exercise, in an entertaining way.
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Andaluna's (13 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Andaluna's songs covers  didactic topics such as children's rights , integration of people with disabilities, gender equality or the importance of having a healthy diet and exercise, all in a fun an entertaining way.
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Urban legends

2015 - A group of children gather in the house of his grandfather, he decides to entertain telling stories based on urban legends, so do not imagine is that each story will lead them to a fatal outcome. Directed and produced by SDA estudio.La espiral y Sueños de Raquel
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Superman (17 CHAPTERS)

2014 - Discover the incredible adventures of Superman, son of Krypton, and his friends, to face the forces of evil. In their struggle for justice and in order to keep the world safe, the Man of Steel will have to deal with all kinds of challenging and dangerous threats to humanity. Volcanoes, mechanical monsters, dinosaurs, etc .. .
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The Lone Ranger (6 CHAPTERS)

1949 - Famous serial radio and television series of the fifties, "The Lone Ranger" was originally a "Texas Ranger" named John Reid, who was the sole survivor of a cowardly ambushed by a gang of criminals. Curated by the Indian Toro (they had been friends in childhood), Reid vowed to help fight injustice, hiding his face behind a mask. Genre: Western Director: George W. Trendle Cast: Clayton Moore, John Hart, Jay Silverheels, Lane Bradford
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