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Lost Trades. Sea.1 (15 CHAPTERS)

2014 - In a time when almost everything we consume leaves the factory, it does not hurt to remember the value of craftsmanship. Lost Trades is a documentary series for all audiences that are about how old our craftsmen worked. • Director: EUGENIO MONESMA • Production: PYRENE P.V. S. L. • Screenplay: EUGENIO MONESMA • Production year: 1997 • Programs for season 15 x 30 min   THE SPINNER: Felisa Claver, as her mother and grandmother, spinner. With her we will discover how the wool sheared from sheep turns when the heat comes in a jersey to shelter us when the cold winter comes. THE WEAVER: Fortunately, there are still weavers as Fernando Puig, ready to pick up and practice those skills on wefts and warps their ancestors transmitted to him based on evidence and work. See all programs
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Saltwater (7 CHAPTERS)

2014 - The television series Agua Salada born in 2012 when its creator and director Diego Esteban Sanchez doing the course instructor decides to launch this project. This series was born with the idea to convey to viewers the world of diving in a close and easily. This activity every day more followers in Spain and the world, with almost eight thousand kilometers of coastline Spain funds are recognized as one of the top tourist destinations of diving. We'll show you unique spots for scuba diving. We also incorporate our chapters in our guide to lodging , dining, leisure , culture and alternative routes each region we visited , to complete a magnificent setting for our vacation. Ultimately a series designed for the whole family. In this first program we travel to Mojacar, the little Ibiza, where we dive into the dive called “The 4 nails” and the "Aquarius” near Carboneras. In it, our host and diving instructor Diego Sanchez will take us to the desert of Tabernas, where such legendary films as "Indiana Jones" were filmed, mount a horse in Vera, Mojacar know the city and we will finish taking a cocktail in the 10th anniversary of Maui Beach Club. Chapters: 7 x 30 min. See all programs
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Hotel Mencey

2014 - Restoration of one of the flagship hotels in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands, produced by Channel 4 Tenerife and Channel 11 La Palma The project by the architect Enrique Rumeu was chosen in a public competition held in 1945. The Rumeu´s idea was to integrate the vast neocanario building in the residential complex of Las Ramblas. It is a five-storey building where the classical elements are combined with neocanarios: it is therefore eclectic. It is one of the emblems of the city and the most prestigious hotel since its opening. The original building, basic plant square around the central courtyard towards the promenade has a volume of two levels as a base, with a gallery on the second level and upper deck a perimeter . At the back is a compact four-storey rectangular volume . The whole is articulated by overlapping terraces and towers. In 2011 begins the last reform of the building that is now a symbol of the city: this report shows you the entire process.
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2014 - Documentary 7 minutes, produced by the Group Master and Noise FX, which contains different testimonies of relatives , caregivers, and members of the Association of Relatives of people with Alzheimer's and other dementias. It is an illness that involves the whole family and through this video discloses the lacks, needs and lifestyles in a home of a patient Alzheimer. The objective of this video is to publish the disease and spread information in that regard, requesting the support and solidarity of institutions, government agencies and the general population.
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America in Area (35 CHAPTERS)

2012 - America in Area is a documentary series that brings us to the most distinctive features of the American continent. A representative of the best places and cities focused on different thematic tour. A trip across the long and ripe geography of Chile, which begins in the Valley of the Moon, in Atacama's impressive desert and from there it initiates his periplus, after showing the shining mirages of the salgema. It continues for Chuquicamata, the biggest mine of copper of the world to opened sky, where it stops to show the whole process of the production of this metal, from his extraction up to his loading in the port of Antofagasta. We demolish Santiago and Valparaiso and from Concepcion we initiate the trip to the Araucaina, happening for Temuco, for Vilarrica, the beautiful zone of the Lagos, Valdivia and Port Montt, point where the excursion begins in the motor-ship "Skorpios" to the glaciers, exactly up to the snowdrift of San's Rafael Lagoon, in the deep Chilean south. Chapters: 38 x 25 min. View all programs
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" The Gouge Confrere " - Advance

2012 - Title: " The Gouge Confrere " - Advance Synopsis: The producer Mil Palabras has initiated a new project dedicated to the world Confrere and of the Holy Week in general. A platform of television with musical contents and of video in high quality, where they will show the best moments of the penitential stations of our confraternities. They possess a section of Music Confrere where you will find a selection of the best bands of music and of bugles and drums, and strain in confrere finds the best moments of our history. An example of it is the historical Cry of the Holy Week of Seville of the year 1956, writing and said by Don Antonio Rodríguez Buzón and that took place in the missing person Teatro San Fernando of the Andalusian capital, and that you will be able to enjoy in its entirety remasterizado digitalmente. They continue working to find these jewels of the history confrere and to there show you the greatness of his present.
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Any tourism (34 CHAPTERS)

2011 - Between many exchequers that Andalusia hides, it surrounds already of his borders with Murcia, when it seems that our soil finishes, still place stays for the surprise with beauties as that of Mojácar's municipality, the only place and of great experience in the tourist area. This locality of the east almeriense, of approximately 7.000 inhabitants, is to 80 kilometres of Almeria. His interior zone nailed in a high place that gives to the Valley of the Pyramids, and the extensive littoral, which waits between his cliffs and beaches with coves of great selection, they form a spectacular set, which does not stop attracting visitors during the year. Already in the last third of the 20th century, Mojácar was a reference to all those who wanted to know new pearls close to the sea. Nowadays, it has could adapt to the perfection to the new requirements of the market, leaving still a wide hollow for the deepest essence of this intriguing municipality. Chapters: 38 x 50 min See rest of chapters More information
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