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Freaklances - Temp.3 (3 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Crises are times of change, a priori worse, but often yield new opportunities. Companies lay off much of their workforce and is a great opportunity for freelancers, able to get the job done without creating obligations on the employer, other than to pay? Begins a new exciting project but ... Where is Fausto?
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Freaklances - Temp.2 (8 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Second season begins! Fausto seemed not get survive the first, but the truth is we do not know if it will have the strength to start the second. What will happen Will you sign the contract? No? ROI is the father or been scammed? Maxi is an avatar or traveled to Spain? the show begins
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Freaklances - Temp.1 (8 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Have you ever worked in conventional or interactive advertising on your own account? Do you sell your photos to the highest bidder? Have you ever been working in a company as autonomous for a long time? Have you ever created instructional scripts for e-learning at home? Have you ever dealt with indipendent video? If you've affirmatively answered to any of these questions -- don't doubt -- you are, or have been "Freaklance".
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Raul and Villa, Global Ambassadors League

01/06/2015 - Raul Gonzalez and David Villa have been appointed in New York, Global Ambassadors of La Liga.
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Aachen Equestrian Grand Prix

31/05/2015 - Fantastic atmosphere, fantastic sport and a fantastic victory: At the World Equestrian Festival Aachen 2015, the 40 best show-jumpers in the world competed in the Rolex Grand Prix, the Grand Prix of Aachen on Sunday afternoon in the almost sold-out Main Stadium. 18 competitors qualified for the second round and seven pairs competed for the most coveted title in one of the most difficult competitions in the world in the subsequent jump-off.
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Red Bull Air Race 2015 Rovinj

31/05/2015 - Austria’s Hannes Arch won the Red Bull Air Race in Rovinj for the second year in a row in the most competitive race in the history of the high-speed, low-altitude sport. Martin Sonka (CZE) got a career-best second place, while Matt Hall (AUS) got his third straight podium.
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The league as René Román:

23/05/2015 - 1. What is the key to the success of the UE Llagostera? 2. And the secret to success in the Liga Adelante? 3. What has given your coach Lluis Carrillo? 4. What would be for UE Llagostera to be in La Liga? 5. How about Girona FC? 6. Did you expect to be a permanent fixture? 7. It has been voted player of the League in April. 8. Which goalkeepers do you like?
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The league as Pepe Mel:

23/05/2015 - 1. Did you expect this performance from Real Betis when you arrived in December? 2. Why is it so hard Liga Adelante? 3. What will be the target if you play in La Liga next season? 4. What does Real Betis mean to Pepe Mel? 5. And for Real Betis? 6. What future do you see for Dani Ceballos? 7. How was your experience in the Premier League? 8. You have already written two novels. What gives to you literature? 9. Will you write a novel more?
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The league as Sandoval:

23/05/2015 - 1. Do you really thought it was possible to achieve salvation? 2. What awaits from Atletico Madrid? 3. Diego Mainz is the leader of this Granada CF? 4. How have you recovered El-Arabi? 5. How was your time without training? 6. Will you continue in Granada CF?
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Mocland (13 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Lalo, Mina, Gobi and Lilium, inhabitants of Mocland planet, travel through Gul Pletoris Galaxi in search of a mineral that will help them save their planet.Stories of Mocland is not only entertaining; it also addresses issues related to the preservation of the environment and the sustainability of energy resources, and its sotorylines bring out educational values such as companionship, solidarity, respect and cultural diversity.
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Andaluna y Samir (13 CHAPTERS)

2015 - The Adventures of Andaluna, Samir and his charming group of friends covers  didactic topics such as child rights , integration of people with disabilities, gender equality or the importance of healthy diet and exercise, in an entertaining way.
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Andaluna's (13 CHAPTERS)

2015 - Andaluna's songs covers  didactic topics such as children's rights , integration of people with disabilities, gender equality or the importance of having a healthy diet and exercise, all in a fun an entertaining way.
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