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Little Thumb

2014 - Full Title: Little Thumb (Liberarte) Audiovisual Producer: i- Tek.es Genre: Children's Theatre. Classic tales Author : Marisé Monteiro. Artist: José Pablo Diaz, Ana Vilches, Osacar Alvarez, Manuela Moreno, Laura Alcocer, Aitor Mingues, Jose Antonio Lalanda, Antonio Corner. Director: Daniel Cicaré. Choreography: Oscar Alcaraz, Laura Alcocer. Synopsis: The story of Little Thumb is full of mischief and lies, but made ​​with innocence and purity , because the character is full of love and tenderness. Help their fellows , is cheerful, and transmits that happiness to all your friends and family. His relationship with his brother Dady is admiration and affection , and her parents have a lot of respect . With only one that has its differences with Tramontina is a whimsical and arrogant girl , defects that make it very funny. By Prince feels great friendship , and able to fight for it , provided they harm no one , especially the Ogre and Capullito characters who play with power and ambition. But the heart of Little Thumb is so large that end giving them the Star Stone performing miracles, for by it everyone can love them and become good people.
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Witch Lucia

2014 - There once was a town where everything was artificial until the flowers were plastic. The ruling tyrant named Zero Lux. He had invented a great cloud of smoke that the sun would not let. Zero Lux and his assistant only upon the people to work. There was no pleasure, nor had time to talk. Fortunately, among the inhabitants was a wise gardener, thanks elves learns about the existence of LUCIA LA MAGA, the most famous magician of the kingdom of the fairies. His mission was to illuminate the city and the lives of its inhabitants, returning to each of them the dream that I had lost.
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2014 - • Full title : Cinderella  (La Maquineta) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Classic Tales • Author : Charles Perrault • Synopsis: The most beautiful of all the stories of Charles Perrault. Cinderella is the story of a fresh and beautiful young woman who lives in the service of her stepmother and two stepsisters . Your life will change when the prince organized a dance in order to find a wife . Nothing would imagine Cinderella, that I needed to go to the dance , it was not an invitation to the palace, but the magic of a mysterious fairy godmother ... • Performers: Yasmin Cerro , Margot Marin , Roberto Doctor, Maria Jesus de los Santos, Cristina Gómez , Fernando Sancerni , Ernesto Gil , Eva Bedmar • Directed: Roberto Doctor, Maria Jesus de los Santos
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2014 - • Full title: Teatruras (Impromadrid) • Genre: Improvisation • Synopsis: The Company Impromadrid actors need a theater act, someone has mentioned them to test them, but the place seems to be deserted ... will overcome the tests? Do they give you to get it? Who is that of the four hairs coming out on the poster?Sssshhhh! This is about to begin. The actors do not even know what work they represent. If you stay you will have to participate ... Do you dare to do Teatruras? Ready. Here it can happen. • Performers: Borja Cortes, Ignacio López, Pablo Pundik, Raquel Racionero, Jorge Rueda, Ignacio Soriano, Ainhoa ​​Vilar • Directed: Impromadrid Theatre
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2014 - Full title: Selaginel-les (O la tragedia de la cabra) Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es Genre: Gesture Theatre Author: Txema Stanford Synopsis: Selaginel-les (or the tragedy of a goat) arises from the need to tell a story about human behavior. This is explained without text, relying on the accuracy of the gesture and poetic authors of the so-called nonsense. Imagine four individuals of any city, locked in an empty space, where they are all there. The proposal has a social background and a very specific symbolism, but it is still a fun, funny and explosive show. Artist: Noah Denia, Albert Prat, Sergi Vallés, David Verdaguer Directed: Peter Gadish, Txema Stanford
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2014 - Full Title: Rumors (Descalzos Productions y Alberto Blasco) Audiovisual Producer: i- Tek.es Comedy Theatre Synopsis: Barefoot Productions has always been committed to quality care and has the smallest detail our productions in both the artistic and technical . We are a company whose objetico retrieve and capture new audiences with our two previous shows we have succeeded. Now our challenge was to find a text entity and retrieve a bestselling author with sufficient scope to gather a group of charismatic actors regardless of their proven career, grab catch the attention of a large number of spectators to revive the phenomenon purely theatrical . After reading many texts we chose for its perfect Rumors theatrical carpentry wrap comedy and the possibility offered to the players to enjoy writing about as different from each other characters. Neil Simon describes the relationship of these couples , in which we can see reflected any of us, for one evening in the nine characters are caught in a web of false appearances , full of intrigue , misunderstandings and misconceptions lived to frenetic pace in which each character , with the complicity of your partner , try to find out others not his suspicions about what they imagine is happening , causing the viewer to recognize hilarity in this book the perfect sitcom. Artist: Yolanda Arestegui , Jesus Cisneros , Isabel Gaudi, Fernando Albizu , Carmen Navarro, José Luis Mosquera , Cristina Peña , Antonio Vico , Aitor LeGardon
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All or nearly Shakespeare

2014 - • Full title: All or nearly Shakespeare (Kanpingags) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: General Theatre. Comedy. • Author: RSC • Synopsis: Is Shakespeare a fat man who lives in London signing scripts for Kenneth Branagh and Mel Gibson? The characters of our work have made a survey, and the overwhelming response has been yes. To eliminate this error, have decided to create a publishing figure to popularize English inexhaustible genius. Throughout the hour and a half of humor, we explain in their own way and in summary, what are each and every one of the works in this anthology especially W. Shakespeare. No other purpose than to provide their expertise to the curious public. Man, and incidentally, to sell a book. • Artist: Joseba Apaolaza, Asier Hormaza, Patxi Boat • Directed: Patxi Boat
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I Was at Home and Waited for Rain Comes

2014 - Full title: I Was at Home and Waited for Rain Comes (UC3M) Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es Genre: Teatro. Drama. Synopsis: After several years of absence returns home the Younger Brother. He comes from their wars, their world, their lost illusions. He returns to the house on the hill, full of aridity and difficult memories. He's back to die? Five women who during his absence have waited this time, gathered along an entire cold and lonely dawn, mixed prospects past and future. His passions and his demons, fears and foibles, they rebuild the family picture, from the pain of lost time to the uncertainty the future holds for them. Artist: José Pablo Diaz, Ana Vilches, Osacar Alvarez, Manuela Moreno, Laura Alcocer, Aitor Mingues, Jose Antonio Lalanda, Antonio Esquina. Directed: Daniel Cicaré Revision and address: Abel González Melo Translated from French: Joan Casas Acting training and management assistance: Paloma Zavala Dramatic Advisory: José Luis García Barrientos Original music and soundtrack: Denis Peralta Scenic Area, costumes, lights and drawings: Ariel Díaz Cid Makeup and characterization: Rey Montesinos Graphic Design: Pérez-Enciso Production: Paloma and Laura G. Zavala Cortón
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Las Meninas without Velázquez

2014 - Full title : Las Meninas without Velázquez (Felicia Perseguer Dance Cia) Audiovisual Producer : i- Tek.es Genre: Dance Theatre . Comedy. Author : Felicia Perseguer Synopsis: Velázquez 's Las Meninas is a picture full of light and magic, full of women who struggle with their daily life, who share it, fight it, enjoy it , defend it… friends who become enemies, and after they become friends . Las Meninas dance the friendship, whisper it , and call it in their day to day you share your fears , frustrations , failures and successes, emotional terrorism MADE IN SPAIN, emotional terrorism that escapes elusive for routine, and becomes impossible diets and comments scratch . Femininity screaming , drama disguised as a comedy, dance exuding sensuality, affection and hatred , and rhythms that speak to the soul sing . Lost and found women looking to be found. We are music and singing , We are drama and comedy, dance and theater We are mix and match. Are we Living, that dance? Are we Meninas of today? We have much to give. We woke search with our search. We have what matters , since we share from the lived, honesty be yourself on stage , building bridges with the public, because the artist is age itself. We grow by sharing ... sharing life, laughter, tears , light or shade, resulting from the everyday and from the small to make it big in the scene, to transform it into art that says, talking , dancing , singing. Artist: Almudena Rubiato , Elisa Palazón , Patricia Abreu, Nora Prieto , Felicia Perseguer Directed: Felicia Perseguer
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Chachiporra puppet

2014 - • Full title: Cachiporra puppets (UC3M )• Audiovisual Producer : i- Tek.es• Genre: General Theatre. Comedy • Author: Federico Garcia Lorca• Synopsis: Poor Don Cristobal , so bad so bad it's with his baton in hand , everyone hates him ! But the heart one day it clicked ! and wanted to marry Rosita bought it from his mother with good pocket money just for him - not knowing that the sighs of mozita flew through the air to the little chest of Cocoliche . All we once were lovers know that the heart has mechanisms that do not understand math , and the Cristobita would expect , so after clicking ! , Made a splash ! , And he jumped springs in there. What will your club now , no one to flying ! Do not worry, it will come to someone else so bad so bad we stick with the baton in his hand.• Artist: Roberto Perez , Simon Fernandez, Alice Anberrée , Arianna Fernandez , Isabel García ,• Directed: Domingo Ortega• Costume: Lola Canales
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La Belle Cuisine

2014 - Full title: La Belle Cuisine (El Velador) Audiovisual Producer : i- Tek.es Genre: General Theatre. Grotesque. Author: Luisa D. Knight Synopsis: In a kitchen a bad host institution , maids and cooks low juice mob boss , prepare the feast of the patron of the institution. Everything seems to be twisted and hard screams and requirements chef, between love and hate cooking takes his own life by dragging the entire world into chaos ... That's Kitchen , one passageway to somewhere else, the dining room to the kitchen or vice versa. During busy times it becomes a madhouse special haste , confusion and accidental mishaps. Life is made ​​and unmade every day. This pace of understanding the world , has taken shape in a tender and grotesque characters piterrealismo : grades shoes, myopic glasses , ugly tooth hare limping and walking... Artist: Luis Ruiz -Medina, Benito Cordero, Mustapha Bahja , Beatriz Cotobal , Rebecca Torres , Juan Macias Director: Juan Dolores Caballero
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Sade feel

2014 - Full title : Sade feel (Sólo para Locos) Audiovisual Producer: i- Tek.es Genre: General Fiction. Drama. Author : Alfonso Paso Synopsis: Recreate a day that was decisive in the life of the " Divine Marquis " . A fictional story inspired by the facts of the life of the libertine writer who gives a tragic vision of the character making it a romantic monster. The Marquis , enclosed by King Louis XIV in his castle of La Coste, a victim of a conspiracy in which several people to hold grudges for different reasons , led by his wife , Renée -Pelagie de Montreuil involved . Little Justine will witness and victim of this trap that seems to fall hopelessly Sade , despite warnings Lelian , his lackey and sidekick ... A plot that reveals a society full of prejudices, appearances and repressed desires that the Marquis had the audacity to reveal. We have tried to give the Marquis de Sade a shot at redemption through love . Thus, the text is more about the release on perversion , more about passion than about sex. Artist: Sergio Leal, Lúa Testa , Dolores Garayalde , Patricia Marquez , Angel Mauri, Alfonso Paso Directed: Alfonso Paso
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