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1943 - It starts with "Everybody knows ... that the goldfish must have water .. and that cats hate water" ....
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1942 - A wolf disguised as sheep to try to blend in with the herd and catch one. But the shepherd guard dog is very smart and will make life impossible
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1943 - In a bizarre African jungle, we find Inki a small lion hunter, a lion with false teeth and a magical bird ...
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1943 - Daffy Duck defies a boxing Elmer, with the complicity of a referee who is also duck. In the stands, the suspect Elmer dog fight is rigged and decides to act.
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1939 - Millions and billions and trillions of years ago, the caveman Gaspar y Fido, your pet dinosaur face Daffy Duck when they go hunting.
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1943 - Daffy Duck is the representative of Sleepy LaGoof, and try to sell to Porky, a scout. Daffy Duck will endeavor to show what the kid can do, in all possible ways, as he sits on a sofa with a huge lollipop.
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1943 - Daffy Duck command will go behind enemy lines wreaking havoc and causing havoc to a Nazi German officer and his troops.
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Popeye (14 CHAPTERS)

1960 - Popeye is an independent sailor with a pipe cornstalk always in the mouth, a peculiar way of speaking, and above all, a desarrolladísimos muscles in the forearms. His favorite food is spinach that increase their strength to the limit. His strange sense of humor is revealed in a series of adventures throughout the world, which is facing many enemies, especially Bluto, who is in love with Olivia, Popeye's girlfriend.
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Classic Animation (13 CHAPTERS)

1975 - • In this block: Popeye • Length: There are 13 blocks of varying durations ranging from 1 hour to 9 minutes. • Synopsis: Superman, Popeye, Laurel and Hardy and many more characters from the past and present in this collection of classic animations for young audiences. • Languages​​: Some of these blocks are in VO animations (English). • See all blocks
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Digimouse (13 CHAPTERS)

2013 - • Produced in 1997. • Chapters: 13 x 24 minutes. • Produced by M3D. • Producer and Director: Marcel Nottea. • Written: Marcel Nottea, Andrew Campbell. • Puppeteers: Bechham Marr, Jane Lieberman, Norman Blackmore, Bill Farrin, Korastein Howard, David Bestor, Connie Lacoco, Cheri, Diggi, Barry, Computoys, Billy and Lilly. • Synopsis: Cheri is concerned that Barry sees his brother does not come back and have told others that roam through space pirates. Digi calms and authorizes an exciting intergalactic space patrol chasing his friend Mikey. But every cloud has a silver lining ... • View all chapters
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Pigassos place (13 CHAPTERS)

1994 - A birthday Pigasso And Tommy, the boy who made it on their computer, has decided to go visit his store. But the pig is desperate because there is the kettle that prepare you thought ofercer your friends at your party. Filmore, the trunk will give you a surprise and ragalaráuna new tea, but the biggest surprise is at Pookie therefore organized a surprise party. • Produced in 1994 (M3D productions) • Executive Producers: Adam Shapiro, Dale A. Andrews, Marcel Nottea. • Producer: Rowby Goren. • Director: Sue Brophey. • Writer: Dennis foon, Cliff McGillivray. • Cast: Richars G. Hill, Leon Melas. • Editor: Duncan White.
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