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Start Time

1992 - Original title: Start time Year of production: 1992 Genre: Drama Nationality: USA Director: Alexander Cassini Cast: Michael St. Gerard, John P. Ryan, Maureen Teefy Synopsis: A confused misfit becomes suicidal when his favorite TV show is cancelled. An agent promises to make him a TV star if he kills certain people, so he becomes "The Baby Mask Killer.  
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Test Positive

1979 - Year of production: 1979 Genre:  Drama Nationality: USA Director:  John Mansfield Cast: Julie moran, rachel griffin, karen black, lyle waggoner, Burt Ward, Tim Blouch, Irene Olga Lopez Synopsis: Story concerns a race against time by Dr. Stevens, who has just "tested positive."    
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Circle of Two

1981 - Year of production: 1981 Genre:  Drama Nationality: Canada Director:  Jules Dassin Cast: Tatum O'Neal, Norma Dell'Agnese, Donann Cavin Synopsis: In Toronto, the fifteen year-old student and aspirant writer Sarah Norton meets the sixty year old painter Ashley St. Clair in a cafeteria while hiding from her stalker boy-friend Paul. Ashley hasn't painted for ten years. He agrees to read the poems that Sarah has written. They start seeing each other at his studio and Sarah falls in love with him. Ashley feels a platonic love for Sarah that becomes his muse and he decides to paint again. Paul spies Sarah in Ashley's studio, and misunderstands their relationship, he attacks her in a cornfield but she defends herself.
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Death in the Shadows

1998 - Year of production: 1998 Genre:  Drama Nationality: USA Director:  Peter Levin Cast: Peter Strauss, Henry Czerny, Lindsay Frost Synopsis: Fact-based story about the controversial conviction of Dr. Sam Sheppard (Peter Strauss) for the murder of his wife in Cleveland. The story picks up with his conviction and concentrates on his son's (Henry Czerny) efforts 40 years later to find evidence that his father was innocent of the crime. The story was the basis for the film and TV series of "The Fugitive".
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1980 - Year of production: 1980 Genre:  Drama Nationality: Canada Director:  Robin Spry Cast: Jennifer Dale, Gabriel Arcand, Winston Rekert Synopsis: This drama is set in Montreal when in the mid-'50s a young woman is impregnated by a petty thief who is caught and given ten years in the slammer. In the meantime, the woman bears a son and marries another. The time passes quickly and the thief is eventually released. He immediately goes to her and this nearly destroys her marriage. Fortunately, he realizes that taking the woman away from her husband will only hurt his son and so backs off.
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Great Guy

1936 - Original title: Great guy Year of production: 1936 Genre:  Drama Nationality: USA Director:  John G. Blystone Cast: James Cagney, Mae Clarke, James Burke, Edward Brophy, Henry Kolker, Bernadene Hayes, Edward McNamara, Robert Gleckler, Joe Sawyer, Edward Gargan, Matty Fain, Mary Gordon, Wallis Clark, Douglas Wood Synopsis:  Johnny Cave is named inspector of weights and measures after the old inspector was hospitalized because of an alleged assassination attempt. He soon discovers that there are many irregularities and are deceiving the buyers. Aggressive measures taken thereon, make that he is objective of the mafia.
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1994 - Original title: Solstice Year of production: 1994 Genre:  Drama Nationality: USA Director: Jerry A. Vasilatos Cast: Mike Kelley, Mary Margaret McCloud, Peter Contos, Tommy Contos, Christopher Matsakis, Mark Mikhael, Shereen Mikhael, Anna Pipilas, Maria Pipilas, Angela Vasiliadias, Maris Vasiliadias, Demetra Vranas, Jennifer Keiper, Timothy J. Elliott, James Manella Synopsis:  For some people, the coldest, loneliest night of the year falls on Christmas Eve. "Solstice" tells the story of one of those people, Nick Allman, a disillusioned young man who has lost touch with the true spirit of the holidays. Set in Chicago on Christmas Eve, it follows his day from morning till midnight as he encounters a variety of characters who help renew his belief in a season where everyone's expectations run high.
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Indian Summer

1987 - Caroline is abandoned in a sumptuous town while Oliver, her husband and film director, devotes more attention to a beautiful French actress. Original title: Indian Summer Director: Timothy Forder Actors: Peter Chelsom, Shelagh McLeod, Michelle Evans
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Dangerous Orphans

1985 - Harry, Moir y Rossi fueron como los tres mosqueteros en el orfanato; ahora adultos, su asociación continúa como que salga el robo ocasional juntos. Título original: Dangerous Orphans Director: John Laing Actores: Susan Strasberg, José Ferrer, Lori Lethin
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