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Sade feel

2014 - Full title : Sade feel (Sólo para Locos) Audiovisual Producer: i- Tek.es Genre: General Fiction. Drama. Author : Alfonso Paso Synopsis: Recreate a day that was decisive in the life of the " Divine Marquis " . A fictional story inspired by the facts of the life of the libertine writer who gives a tragic vision of the character making it a romantic monster. The Marquis , enclosed by King Louis XIV in his castle of La Coste, a victim of a conspiracy in which several people to hold grudges for different reasons , led by his wife , Renée -Pelagie de Montreuil involved . Little Justine will witness and victim of this trap that seems to fall hopelessly Sade , despite warnings Lelian , his lackey and sidekick ... A plot that reveals a society full of prejudices, appearances and repressed desires that the Marquis had the audacity to reveal. We have tried to give the Marquis de Sade a shot at redemption through love . Thus, the text is more about the release on perversion , more about passion than about sex. Artist: Sergio Leal, Lúa Testa , Dolores Garayalde , Patricia Marquez , Angel Mauri, Alfonso Paso Directed: Alfonso Paso
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Mary, a Modern Day Heroine

2014 - • Full title: Mary, a Modern Day Heroine (Teatro del Ser) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: General Theatre. Comedy. • Author: Silvia Navarro, Nieves Castells, Damián Alcolea • Synopsis: What does it mean to be a hero today? In the coming days, something important is about to happen in your city. Things are changing Can not you noticed? For a peculiar teleoperadora, a mad scientist and an air hostess have realized the strength and will be doomed to take charge of the matter. • Artist: Silvia Navarro, Nieves Castells, Damián Alcolea • Director: Silvia Navarro, Nieves Castells, Damián Alcolea
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Madriz 2012, Why the Not

2014 - • Full title: Madriz 2012, Why the Not (¿Quieres verlo?) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: General Theatre. Comedy. • Synopsis: It was already ours. But at the last moment we snatched London. Why? Perhaps we were not sufficiently prepared? Judge for yourselves. Here are the awards presentation held Spain to the International Olympic Committee in Singapore the night before the election. • Artist: Leire Riesco, Concha Delgado, Alejandro Vera, Ivana Oliver, Concha Torres • Directed Leire Riesco, Concha Delgado, Alejandro Vera
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2014 - • Full title: Marlene (Níscalo) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: General Theatre. Comedy. • Author: Martin Garrido • Synopsis: Death, embodied in a bank branch accountant, who was killed by a Twingo when leaving work, going to look for Agustí a quick change with the stage name of Marlene, imitating the German actress Marlene Dietrich as one in a seedy nightclub. Agusti A, which has always been a selfish man who only thought of him not caring others, it's time to die has come, but resist tooth and nail to leave this planet. The man will fight for every possible way to convince Death of getting a few more months of life. The fight will become a dangerous game where the more creeping human passions come to light. • Artist: Juan Carlos Naya, perhaps Fernando • Directed: Martin Garrido
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My Struggle

2014 - • Full title: My Struggle (Millennium) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: General Theatre. Drama. • Author: Juanma Gomez • Synopsis: The world of the stage from within. A look at its members, actors, directors, representatives, celebrities, authors ... by the hand of an unconventional Shakespeare. With this review in a comic you will not leave unmoved. • Artist: Juanma Gomez, Cesar Goca, Alicia Lobo, Daniel Ortiz, Jorge Aguado • Directed: Juanma Gomez
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More Lost than Carracuca

2014 - • Full title : More lost than Carracuca (Metamorfosis & Producciones Inconstantes) • Audiovisual Producer : i- Tek.es • Genre: General Theatre. Drama  • Author : Emilio del Valle • Synopsis: To live is about normal. For others, a gift. For just a luxury . For many , a miraculous daily exercise. Still, you live does not guarantee happiness . Only the possibility of achieving it. Is there happiness? This is where live our antiheroes . Both are lost. Lost because they do not connect with reality. Rafael is literate Christian and Catholic and thinks that will come out of the hole where you live. But you need a good pair of shoes. You can not go through life looking for a decent job with a newspaper and shoes full of holes. While I think drinking wine, and hard to read news from newspapers collecting garbage . Manuel can not write , can not read , do not know how to pray . But he has a good pair of shoes. One knows how to defend a world that is hostile . Think Rafael will get a good job . And does not leave your shoes, because you want to not be alone. While I think the bottle of wine shared with Rafael and of course you hear when reading the newspaper. • Artist: Juan Alberto López , Alonso Yiyo • Directed: Emilio del Valle
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Wizard Magomino

2014 - Full title: Wizard Magomino (Mago Magomino) Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es Genre: General Fiction. Magic. Author: Antonio Palomino Ecnegoyen Synopsis: Card Magic, Close Up Magic, games, surprises and humor. MUCH HUMOR! Directed: Mago Magomino
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Women's Secret

2014 - • Full title: Women's Secret (Llámalo-x) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: General Theatre. Comedy. • Author: Yolanda Dorado • Synopsis: What is the secret of women? What initially begins as an innocent question becomes an obsession for our character. His mother, his girlfriend, his female patients, his psychoanalyst, all the women in your life will be the subject of their particular research, full of fights and laughter, surprises and disappointments, to the point of taking you to cross the line of insanity. • Artist: Juanjo Reiz, Iñaki Rubio, Menendez Acebal Olaya, Ena Fernandez, Ana Cañas, Maria Coronado • Directed: Iñaki Rubio
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2014 - • Full title: Women (Lasman Tenidas) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: General Theatre. Drama. • Author: Elena Lazaro Rivas • Synopsis: Three women. Three girlfriends. Three failures. Three lives. Greatness and misery hidden in the back of a sewing thread filled with stories that weave needle through the heart. What could be a quiet meeting friends leads to blame, laughter and tears ... and a reunion with past and present ghosts that every woman has inside. • Artist: Nerea Gomez, Elena Lazaro, Ana Vilches • Directed: Elena Lazaro
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Otelo the foreigner

2014 - Full Title: Otelo the foreigner (La Chanza Teatro) Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es Genre: General Fiction. Tragedy. Author: William Shakespeare Synopsis: Othello, a Moorish warrior highest prestige secretly marries Desdemona, a beautiful Venetian, daughter of the most influential men of the State, Bravantío. This binding, in view of the Venetians, shameful and unnatural is used by Iago, the alleged henchman Othello to sabotage the career and life of his superior. Witnessing Desdemona for his love saves Othello sentencing and favors to be put in command of the Venetian army in the war against Cyprus just exploded. Yago will intrigue against his superior but this time it sowing the seeds of mistrust ... Artist: Raúl Prieto, Diego Toucedo, Delia Vime, Alex Garcia, JL Rodríguez, Eduardo Carcamo Directed: David Boceta
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Nocturnal Animals

2014 - Full title: Nocturnal Animals (Karrusel Producciones) Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es Genre: Drama Theatre Author: Juan Mayorga Synopsis: Nocturnal Animals tell the story of two couples who live in the same neighborhood where only greet each other, until one day, one of them decides to take the first step toward rapprochement another couple who are foreigners, and using the law of Aliens forces the other to keep you company, you talk, you read poems, jokes to tell, to accompany him for a walk, taking advantage of not having their papers in order, creates a bond of domination, making sure to have him fully available. Talk about lives filled with secrets, loneliness, fear, insomnia and submissions. Artist: Luis Miguel Lucas, Carlos Bolivar, Nahia Laiz, Mary Ann Saldarriaga Directed: Carlos Bolivar
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Tigers. Matches. Cabinets

2014 - Full title : Tigers. Matches. Wardrobes (Inventario) Audiovisual Producer : i- Tek.es Genre: Theatre absurd Author: Sinisterra, Cavestany, Pinter Synopsis: Tigers. Matches. Cabinets, consists of three texts three contemporary authors ( A slight discomfort, Harold Pinter , De José Sanchis Sinisterra Tigers , . Armoire and Juan Cavestany key names in the European theater today The link between these pieces is the presence in all a strange and disturbing element . Roaring tiger from a bathroom, a vendor of matches at the door of a private house and a man who acts as a closet in the room a couple. 's these three rare elements that stain each of these pieces of mystery and interest. Their status as seemingly absurd , weird and disturbing makes attractively enigmatic and evocative . presences But these three are not only an original item and surprising , but also , and especially , triggers dramatic situations that lead us to guess on some occasions , and discover other , the true nature of the characters and their relationships , initially hidden . The result : a small sample of some of the miseries that as human beings , soak our existence. Artist: Raquel Racionero , Borja Cortes, Daniel Llull Directed: Paul Pundik Augustine Bellusci , Raul Marcos
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