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All or nearly Shakespeare

2014 - • Full title: All or nearly Shakespeare (Kanpingags) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: General Theatre. Comedy. • Author: RSC • Synopsis: Is Shakespeare a fat man who lives in London signing scripts for Kenneth Branagh and Mel Gibson? The characters of our work have made a survey, and the overwhelming response has been yes. To eliminate this error, have decided to create a publishing figure to popularize English inexhaustible genius. Throughout the hour and a half of humor, we explain in their own way and in summary, what are each and every one of the works in this anthology especially W. Shakespeare. No other purpose than to provide their expertise to the curious public. Man, and incidentally, to sell a book. • Artist: Joseba Apaolaza, Asier Hormaza, Patxi Boat • Directed: Patxi Boat
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2014 - Full Title: Rumors (Descalzos Productions y Alberto Blasco) Audiovisual Producer: i- Tek.es Comedy Theatre Synopsis: Barefoot Productions has always been committed to quality care and has the smallest detail our productions in both the artistic and technical . We are a company whose objetico retrieve and capture new audiences with our two previous shows we have succeeded. Now our challenge was to find a text entity and retrieve a bestselling author with sufficient scope to gather a group of charismatic actors regardless of their proven career, grab catch the attention of a large number of spectators to revive the phenomenon purely theatrical . After reading many texts we chose for its perfect Rumors theatrical carpentry wrap comedy and the possibility offered to the players to enjoy writing about as different from each other characters. Neil Simon describes the relationship of these couples , in which we can see reflected any of us, for one evening in the nine characters are caught in a web of false appearances , full of intrigue , misunderstandings and misconceptions lived to frenetic pace in which each character , with the complicity of your partner , try to find out others not his suspicions about what they imagine is happening , causing the viewer to recognize hilarity in this book the perfect sitcom. Artist: Yolanda Arestegui , Jesus Cisneros , Isabel Gaudi, Fernando Albizu , Carmen Navarro, José Luis Mosquera , Cristina Peña , Antonio Vico , Aitor LeGardon
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2014 - Full title: Selaginel-les (O la tragedia de la cabra) Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es Genre: Gesture Theatre Author: Txema Stanford Synopsis: Selaginel-les (or the tragedy of a goat) arises from the need to tell a story about human behavior. This is explained without text, relying on the accuracy of the gesture and poetic authors of the so-called nonsense. Imagine four individuals of any city, locked in an empty space, where they are all there. The proposal has a social background and a very specific symbolism, but it is still a fun, funny and explosive show. Artist: Noah Denia, Albert Prat, Sergi Vallés, David Verdaguer Directed: Peter Gadish, Txema Stanford
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2014 - • Full title: Tomorrow (Diágoras Producciones) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: General Theatre. Drama. • Author: Various • Synopsis: Six lives, six stories, six models of behavior, six views to address the assembly this morning are intended to provide an overview of current problems in everyday situations through real people. We show that current models of people from a real and positive vision worship people past and present that will be at the "Tomorrow." • Artist: Carmen Pardo, Daniel Acebes • Director: Juan Manuel Home
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A Small Pocket Circus

2014 - • Full title: A Small Circus Pocket (Bandora) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: General Theatre. Magic. • Author: Jose Ramon Fernandez Nieto • Synopsis: Juggling rings and balls, close-up magic, games that change color scarves, strings never break, airplane changing value, card magic, laughter and applause ... It is the content of "Circo Small Pocket "Bandora that presents a comic juggling and magic show for all ages. • Artist: Bandora • Directed: Bandora
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This is my Life. Second Part

2014 - • Full title : This is my Life. Second Part (Atolladero) • Audiovisual Producer : i- Tek.es • Genre: General Theatre. Comedy . • Author : Atolladero • Synopsis : We are in this type of people who usually sit in front of the TV and grieve with how bad the world is going . Shrinks the heart us and feel the overwhelming need to carry us in the mother who gave birth to the fucking bastards that make the world be as it is. But someone very wise (and if it was not, we do not care ) , we did not see it was truly beautiful screen and talk about what we thought was really important and we should not speak from resentment , pain or anger , but from that place which must serve to see the good in life. To us that we liked and we take to the letter . We decided to change roll and talk about beautiful things. Our show talks about the alternative that we have recently signed about how life taken. Our new motto is " A daggers and penalties on a brave face." A tribute to the lonely and solitary, the fighters and wrestlers , the generous and generous , well people in general and above all... to love. • Artist: Itxaso Arretxe , Neus Suñé , Xavi Sáez • Directed: Jordi Fondevilla
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And you, what are you laughing at?

2014 - • Full title : And you, what are you laughing? (Alex O'Dogherty) • Audiovisual Producer : i- Tek.es • Genre: General Theatre. Monologues . • Author : Alex O'Dogherty • Synopsis: And you , what are you laughing at ? He was born of the same question I asked myself one day. Realizing that even I knew what I was laughing , I started thinking that I would have trouble figuring out what people laugh ( although usually just laughs ) . Under this pressure , necessity or pure curiosity that made ​​me laugh do , I began to see what things make you laugh to the rock , and that's when I started to freak out, because not everyone laughs at the same. How then get everyone (or riese ) laugh at a time of the same thing ? And that's when I started to overwhelm me . And people did not laugh . So I decided to tell what they had seen , and that's when people started laughing . I still did not understand why, and I still like that, but they laugh and laugh. This is a river of laughter . It makes me happy and them too. What more do we want? Laugh . • Artist: Alex O'Dogherty • Directed: Alex O'Dogherty
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Fuenteovejuna: the story

2014 - • Full title: Fuenteovejuna. History (Acto 1º Teatro) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: General Theatre. Musical narrative. • Author: Jesus Cruzrisa • Synopsis: Story takes place in 1476, Cordoba, a town called Fuenteovejuna, which ruled Fernan Gomez, Commander of the Order of Calatrava, imposing tyranny and sadism. The rule of fear subjected farmers to withstand a lifetime of continuing abuses. Until one day something happens that will react and is the trigger that convinces them that it is better to lose your life for something bigger ....... regain dignity. • Artist: Monforte, Begoña Barcia, Desiree Balbas, Nestor Barreto, Nacho Pérez, Albert Martinez, Francisco Montejano, • Direction and Screenplay: Jesus Cruzrisa
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Tales Grandpa Moncho

2014 - • Full title: Grandpa Tales Moncho (Teatro Tardicional de Títeres de Chile) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: General Theatre. Stories and fables. • Author: Luisa Morales, Jaime Moran • Synopsis: In "Tales Grandpa Moncho" rescued the beloved grandfather figure storytelling, long forgotten and delayed presence on television and cyber games. The grandfather Moncho is a puppet of marote technique, where the hands of the doll are actually the puppeteer's hands (which allows the doll to handle various utensils, including musical instruments). • Artist: Jaime Moran, Maria Luisa Morales, Fernanda Morán
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An Evening with Don Fatty

2014 - • Full title: An evening with Don Fatty (Don Gordito) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Children's Theatre. Clown. • Author: Angel Jodrá • Synopsis: Magic, balance, storytelling, balloon twisting, soap bubbles, songs and surprises together in a big, big, big character... • Artist: Angel Jodrá, Nacho G. Bonacho • Directed: Angel Jodrá
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My beloved monster

2014 - Full title: My beloved monster (Tarambana) Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es Genre: Children's Theatre Author: Fernando Almena Synopsis: My beloved monster is neither a frightening and terrifying work.What can we do! It is a work of humor, grotesque and even something local. The theater offers the uniqueness of his characters are real, live, and that happens with the monsters of the work, that appear real, flesh and blood, that tembléis not of fear but of laughter. Artist: Angel Jodrá, Eva Bedmar Jose Alias, Javier Bala, Aitor Coterón Directed: Eva Bedmar Original Music: David G. Bonacho, Nacho G. Bonacho
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2014 - • Full title: Gaia (Sol y Tierra) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Children's Theatre. Environment. • Author: José María de la Rosa • Synopsis: An eccentric scientist and his quirky assistant tell us how Earth, the first forms of life on it, dinosaurs, men came ... And what do the latter and endanger the balance, environmental. Sun and Earth tells children how whaling, industrial plants, cars, logging ... are making the planet an increasingly uninhabitable. But also how it can be solved, and gives simple guidelines they can accomplish as recycling. Gaia is sad scene, but with the help of the children on the stage, smiling recover. • Artist: Alvaro Torre de la Rosa, Victor Torre de la Rosa • Director: Maria José de la Rosa
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