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1947 - Ronnie Jackson is a photographer of babies who tells the story about how he came to death row at San Quentin. While he is in charge of the office of a private detective who is his neighbor, Ronnie receives Baroness Montay; who asks him to find the Baron that has seemingly disappeared. Genre: Comedy Directed by: Elliott Nugent Cast: Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Peter Lorre.
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1939 - Two dependents of a bookstore, trying to impress a female client, invent that they are friends of the writer of a book about Africa. The client asks them to draw a map for her next trip to Africa.  But the night they have to deliver the map and receive money, are kidnapped and taken to Africa ... Genre: Comedy Directed by: Charles Barton Cast: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Clyde Beatty
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1980 - A mercenary former CIA agent is forced to accept the assignment to end one of the biggest drug supply points of the continent, located in Cuba and, end the life of the country's dictator, Fidel Castro. Genre: Thriller Directed by: Chuck Workman Cast: Stuart Whitman, Robert Vaughn, Woody Strode.
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1954 - Suddenly is a small California town where nothing ever happens. One day, the news that the train of the President of the United States will stop in the village, cause a stir. Some gangsters plan to assassinate him from the window of a house where a retired Secret Service live, his daughter widow and son of the latter. Genre: Thriller Directed by: Lewis Allen Cast: Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden, James Gleason
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1945 - Escaping Europe, a beautiful dancer travels to the western United States to reach a small town in Arizona. Satire set in the West about the myth of the spies who use their charms to gain information. Genre: Western Directed by:Charles Lamont Cast: Yvonne De Carlo, Rod Cameron, Walter Slezak
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1957 - Finished the Civil War, the southern soldier O'Meara refused to accept defeat and decides to flee westward to join the Sioux Indians and integrated into their lifestyle. However, to the chagrin of O'Meara, the great chief Red Cloud has decided to sign a peace treaty with the white man. Genre: Western Directed by: Samuel Fuller Cast: Rod Steiger, Sara Montiel, Brian Keith
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1947 - Clarence Day, a man who has made ​​a fortune in business, governs his house and his family with the mentality and the scruples of a book. The arrival of Aunt Cora, accompanied by a young lady and the statement that Mr. Day has not been baptized produces a commotion in the family. Genre: Comedy Directed by: Michael Curtiz Cast: William Powell, Irene Dunne, Elizabeth Taylor
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1946 - Some robbers compete with Sherlock Holmes in pursuit of a stolen treasure. One of the authors of the crime, who is in prison, knows that the treasure is hidden in three music boxes. Holmes and Watson embark on a headlong race to find them. Genre: Thriller Directed by: Roy William Neill Cast: Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Patricia Morison
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1941 - The circumstances and the criminal past of her father, force Rita Adams to take the blame for a murder she did not commit and that has actually been perpetrated by her boyfriend. The jail will change and transform in a cold and calculating person, who upon leaving prison will rise to the power of organized crime. Genre: Detective Directed by: Phil Rosen Cast: Joan Woodbury, Jack La Rue, Linda Ware
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1959 - Walter Paisley is a waiter in a bohemian coffee, jealous of the talent of his regular customers. But when he accidentally kills his landlady's cat and covers it with clay, Walter is taken by a brilliant sculptor. Consumed by his ego of artist, the sculptures begin to multiply as the locals start to disappear... Genre: Comedy Directed by: Roger Corman Cast: Dick Miller, Barboura Morris, Antony Carbone
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1975 - In 2024, a teenager and his dog try to survive in a world nearly destroyed after a new World War... Genre: Science Fiction Directed by: L.Q. Jones Cast: Don Johnson, Susanne Benton, Jason Robards
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2014 - Year 1942. Seven weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, a platoon of marines volunteers, after a submarine ride, begin to develop their dangerous mission: to take an island controlled by the Japanese. Production year: 1943 (USA) Genre: War Directed by: Ray Enright Cast: Randolph Scott, Robert Mitchum, Alan Curtis
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