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A Different Story

2014 - • Full title: A different story (Sol y Tierra) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Children's Theatre • Synopsis: A writer decides to leave home in search of different stories. His journey takes him to Africa, and there is mysterious and ancient African stories: a river fish will tell the tale of the crocodile skin, hear an old man telling the story Liar worm and shaft of the word tells the story of women and the basket. Although the stories are not so different, yes it has encountered an unexpected story: the story of the people he met on his journey. • Cast: Alvaro Torre de la Rosa • Directed: María José de la Rosa
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2014 - Full title: Improlandia  (Por Casualidad & Improtour) Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es Genre: Children's Theatre. Improvisation Author: Various Synopsis: The Navigators Memory arrive on a planet where there is ... NOTHING. Its mission, in an hour, is to invent from that Nothing, everything is necessary for to exist a world. Explore, invent and remember are the three phases having this adventure, in which the small community (the public) propose and participate in the spontaneous creation. Improvise animals, machines, superheroes, songs, poems, horror stories, lies ... fun and didactical games that switch on imagination and memory. Cronita, a talking clock, guides travelers in this fascinating vicissitudes. Artist: Laura Alonso, Omar Argentino.
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Little Thumb

2014 - Full Title: Little Thumb (Liberarte) Audiovisual Producer: i- Tek.es Genre: Children's Theatre. Classic tales Author : Marisé Monteiro. Artist: José Pablo Diaz, Ana Vilches, Osacar Alvarez, Manuela Moreno, Laura Alcocer, Aitor Mingues, Jose Antonio Lalanda, Antonio Corner. Director: Daniel Cicaré. Choreography: Oscar Alcaraz, Laura Alcocer. Synopsis: The story of Little Thumb is full of mischief and lies, but made ​​with innocence and purity , because the character is full of love and tenderness. Help their fellows , is cheerful, and transmits that happiness to all your friends and family. His relationship with his brother Dady is admiration and affection , and her parents have a lot of respect . With only one that has its differences with Tramontina is a whimsical and arrogant girl , defects that make it very funny. By Prince feels great friendship , and able to fight for it , provided they harm no one , especially the Ogre and Capullito characters who play with power and ambition. But the heart of Little Thumb is so large that end giving them the Star Stone performing miracles, for by it everyone can love them and become good people.
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Witch Lucia

2014 - There once was a town where everything was artificial until the flowers were plastic. The ruling tyrant named Zero Lux. He had invented a great cloud of smoke that the sun would not let. Zero Lux and his assistant only upon the people to work. There was no pleasure, nor had time to talk. Fortunately, among the inhabitants was a wise gardener, thanks elves learns about the existence of LUCIA LA MAGA, the most famous magician of the kingdom of the fairies. His mission was to illuminate the city and the lives of its inhabitants, returning to each of them the dream that I had lost.
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2014 - • Full title : Cinderella  (La Maquineta) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Classic Tales • Author : Charles Perrault • Synopsis: The most beautiful of all the stories of Charles Perrault. Cinderella is the story of a fresh and beautiful young woman who lives in the service of her stepmother and two stepsisters . Your life will change when the prince organized a dance in order to find a wife . Nothing would imagine Cinderella, that I needed to go to the dance , it was not an invitation to the palace, but the magic of a mysterious fairy godmother ... • Performers: Yasmin Cerro , Margot Marin , Roberto Doctor, Maria Jesus de los Santos, Cristina Gómez , Fernando Sancerni , Ernesto Gil , Eva Bedmar • Directed: Roberto Doctor, Maria Jesus de los Santos
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2014 - • Full title: Teatruras (Impromadrid) • Genre: Improvisation • Synopsis: The Company Impromadrid actors need a theater act, someone has mentioned them to test them, but the place seems to be deserted ... will overcome the tests? Do they give you to get it? Who is that of the four hairs coming out on the poster?Sssshhhh! This is about to begin. The actors do not even know what work they represent. If you stay you will have to participate ... Do you dare to do Teatruras? Ready. Here it can happen. • Performers: Borja Cortes, Ignacio López, Pablo Pundik, Raquel Racionero, Jorge Rueda, Ignacio Soriano, Ainhoa ​​Vilar • Directed: Impromadrid Theatre
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2014 - • Full title: Gatuna – JoGo Teatro • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Children's Theatre. Fighting for Illusions • Author: Josune Goenaga • Synopsis: Fernando has four kittens at home: Rosalie, Angela, Laura and Rafaela. Laurita, the smallest of the cats has a great dream: to be a human person wants to do everything they do: reading, traveling, makeup, see new places , new experiences ... Although his "friend" Rafaela laugh at it, because it seems so absurd, Laura gets Rosalia (witch cat ) , you do a spell , given that Laura saddened every day more and more . Angela, more understanding, but jealous, tried through his talks convince Laura that she wants is impossible. But Laura’s insistence has made all the help cats in their purpose of being human. After a great spell... The illusions are true, when you believe in them! • Cast: Javier Cala , Josune Goenaga , Nuria Marquería , Sole de la Barreda , Carlota López • Director: Jogo Theatre
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Beats Cabaret - Lub Dub

2014 - • Full title: Beats Cabaret (Lub Dub) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Cabaret • Synopsis: A show by and for pleasure. Sensuality, humor, dance and other surprises will take us by the hand in this walk through the history of cabaret. Leaning to brothels under the skirts of the can-can, to some obscure club in Chicago or the legendary Berlin Cabaret, you will discover the extraordinary, funny and reviews involving our characters stories. A master of ceremonies peculiar and spectacular dance troupe are the ingredients that put the final icing on this show like no other. • Cast: José Luis Varo , Eva Cuesta, Patricia Charalambidis , Raquel Tascon, Nina Tascón, María Guerrero, Marta Rotunno • Director: Group LUB -DUB • Screenplay: Marta Rotunno • Technical team: Jorge and Jose Luis Varo Rotunno , • Musical arrangements: Piwi Sha , Jorge and Jose Luis Varo Rotunno • Choreography: Martha Rotunno , Raquel Tascon, Nina and Patricia Tascon Charalambidis • Costume: LUB -DUB Group • Set: Group LUB -DUB
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Wise women

2014 - • Full title: Wise women (UC3M) • Audiovisual Producer: I-Tek.es • Genre: Comedy • Author: Moliere • Synopsis: Wise women or sabihondas (Les Femmes Savantes, in French) is a comedy by Molière in five acts, written in verse. It is a satire on academic pretensions in female education of his time. In The Learned Ladies , Moliere again picking on what he considered one of the worst evils of his time: hypocrisy. In this case, the focus is on the fake intellectuals, boastful characters who easily achieve prestige and recognition but, beneath the surface of his writings, only sported affectation and conceit, taking advantage of the innocence and the presumption of a clientele of women who wanted to become wise and most of sabihondas were received. • Cast: Jesus Vilches, Beatriz Mbula, Marta Galán, Grace Hernandez, Kathy Ojeda, Beatriz Duro, Irene Gómez, Pelayo Alvarez, Rodrigo de Maté, Meritxell Mallona • Director: Abel González Melo • Version and address: Paloma Zavala Folache • Counseling and voice actor training: Francesco Lane Vaglini • dramatic Advisory: Abel González Melo • Assistant director: Laura González Cortón • Original music and soundtrack: David and Elisa Dahouruch Azzara • Piano: Orhan Veli Özbayrak • musical recording: André Menrath • Scenic Area: Ariel Díaz Cid • Costume Design: Laura Graizer Search • Clothing Costume: Sun Curiel • Lighting Design: César Linares • Makeup and characterization: Rey Montesinos • Poster Illustration: Andrea Zavala Folache • Graphic Design: Pérez- Enciso
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The last copla

2014 - • Full title: The last song (Pablo Perez Lazarraga) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Drama Musical • Synopsis: This musical move the audience to 1940, to a salon "run-down" provisions for testing the new show of the company's upcoming Spanish tour. In last couplet songs like "The agüita of willing", "Triniá", "The zorongo Green Eyes" or "The good pagá" construed. • Cast: JC Corrales, Raquel Palma, Ana Franco, Rakel Jimenez, Fran Jimenez, Ricardo Utrera, Fulgencio Valares, Fabio Pérez de Lazarraga and Juan Antonio Loro • Director: Pablo Perez Lazarraga
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The battlements of Toro

2014 - • Full title: The battlements of Toro - UC3M • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre:  Comedy • Synopsis: XI century. Queen Castile Sancho , who , fearful of losing their domains , up next to Cid and army to invade Toro, city ruled by his sister Elvira. After several attempts, finally Sancho manages to overcome the resistance of the Infanta, thanks to a military cunning ruse . Elvira flees the field : his come back to the castle full of passions and mixed plots, revenge, betrayal and blood. The battlements of Toro is a disturbing and sexy, historical and fictional medieval painting. • Cast: Enrique Chueca, Nerea Piris, Elvira Cristina Vidal, Álvaro Orejuela, Carlos Castaño, Laura García, Alejandro Librero, Javier Moreno, Alba María Muñoz • Director: Abel González Melo • Literary and Historical Advisory: José Luis García Barrientos • Technical direction and lighting: Salvador Salinas • Design and manufacture of costume: Raul Diego Navy • Stage Set Design: Theater Group UC3M Maria Peinado, Catalina Barderas • Characterization and touched: Julián Carrasco • facial hairpieces: Anna Stàlfelt • Sound Space: Collective Creation ( on medieval melodies ) • Advisory vocal: Carlos Moya • Counseling percussion: Diego Martin Martin • Live Percussion: Alejandro Librero, Alba María Muñoz, Nerea Piris • Poster Image: Fermelo • Graphic Design: Pérez- Enciso
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Therapy Dr. Buro Buro

2014 - • Full title: The Therapy Dr. Buró Buró - Calla Canalla • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Gender: Monologues • Author: Calla Scoundrel • Synopsis: Dr. Buró Buró Therapy is a play that transforms the stalls in an international convention in psychology. It's the time of presentation of the prestigious Dr. SYMPOSIUM Bureau Bureau, which discloses his three funniest specimens. Patient No. 1: Pepe Pedraza. Diagnosis: Obsession Night and addicted to different substances. Alterations and problems with the letters P / F. Treatment: Assisted Relaxation for emotional balance. No attempt with pills. Eye! Dangerous movements with his hands. Patient No. 2: Charles Buker . Diagnosis: A case ... a case ... is not defined as case ... the truth is that I do not pay any attention. Apparently normal makes his living with his inseparable friend Ricky (his invisible friend). Treatment: Try to separate from him in order to face the world alone. Patient No.3: Raul Alamo. Diagnosis: clinical picture has an “Immaculate”, that's the problem: he’s a virgin. Currently in sexual failure. Treatment: It's easy, is there any sexy doctor in the room? • Cast: Pablo Fernandez, Javier Manzanera • Director: Gabriel Wallet  
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