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Stillness Movement

2014 - • Full title: The Stillness of Motion - Chikivitrueque • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Narrative • Synopsis: Samuel is committed to caring for someone. One afternoon crosses the threshold of a door where the silence is the first hurdle. Overcoming the silence is also deploying their own lives, their contradictions, their fears, their losses, their hopes, to face a serious dilemma and a mighty oath surprise the woman who changed his life, doing what he had ever done. What could ever imagine is that in the house behind the silence, which was waiting Stillness Movement. • Artists: Javier Manzanera • Director: Andrés Vicente  
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La guerrilla

2014 - • Full title : The Guerrilla - UC3M • Audiovisual Producer: i- Tek.es • Genre : Narrative • Author : Azorin • Synopsis: In a village in Spain , people resist the Napoleonic invasion simulating gladly welcome the French who are on their way there , and then embriagarles throw them into a pit . This time is Sergeant Marcel Leblond who has come to the place. Everyone decides to reenact the ritual of death. All but Pepa , who considers this a cruel murder plot . But events turn to our unexpected twist in the historical context , the war and the ideals of each will test the love born between Pepa and Marcel . • Cast: Enrique Chueca , Adriana Reyes, Rocio Rosa Irene Domínguez ; Balesquida Menéndez de Luarca , Miguel Martín -Nieto , Alejandro Lopez, Arianna Fernandez, Ruth Cabeza , Paloma García- Consuegra , Angel Sanchez, Sergio Adillo , Gustavo Calleja • Directed Domingo Ortega • Dramaturgical Version: Domingo Ortega , ( including excerpts from texts Liliana Felipe, Vicente Aleixandre , Miguel de Cervantes and José Luis Gómez Toré poems ) • Costume: Lola Canales • Sets: Gustavo Calleja • Coordinator workshops Jesus Barranco • mask and choir teacher : María Eugenia Castilla • Teacher training anthropological actor: Ana Crouselles • Professor of music and musicality of the work: Oscar Villegas • Makeup: Julián Carrasco • Assistant Director: Arianna Fernandez • Production route: Gema Zazo • Production: Alice Anberrée • Communication: José Luis Sacristan • Graphic Design : Circusmedia • Photos: Photo Aguirre • Head coach: Salvador Salinas  
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The discreet love

2014 - • Full title : The discreet love (Factoría Teatro) • Audiovisual Producer : i- Tek.es • Genre: Classic Theatre • Author : Lope de Vega • Synopsis: The love discreet fly . Everything about it invites the flight . From its nascent approach, the scene in which Belisa and Fenisa , mother and daughter , walking the streets of Madrid, and we are presented with the ratio of these two incredible women , until the first signs of romantic entanglements , to be deployed throughout the work, because everything is concocted with unusual agility and grace , such that invite off. As the funniest episodes of the old comic movies , go parading the characters in this comedy Lucindo , Gerarda , Hernando, Bernardo and Doristeo in crazy situations that arouse our laughing openly . The fact that couples are mother and daughter and father and son have paid more and more wacky misunderstandings and endow special feature of this work compared to other young couples Lope texts . • Cast: Iñigo Asiaín , Lola Manzanares , Isabel Rodes and Salvador Sanz • Directed by Martin Gonzala Scherman • Set and graph: Arturo Martín Burgos • Costumes and characterization : Juan Ortega • Advisory verse: Montse Diez • music and songs Consulting : Marcos Leó • Sound Space: Pepo Scherman • Lighting: Rosana Garcia    
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The big question

2014 - • Full title: The Big Question (Atropos) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Narrative • Author: Gabriel Monedero • Synopsis: The big question stems from an investigation in the context of Theatre Anthropology: Exploration Artuad - Poetics of Body Ritual. Diving in action Artuad and flows (links - thoughts - senses), we find twigs in which similar cosmologies and yet so far as the Guarani and Taoism were woven with them articulate Myth Artuad unraveling his life and fleshing his Work. • Cast: Pablo Fernandez, Javier Manzanera • Director: Gabriel Monedero
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Relative Kaos

2014 - • Full title : Kaos on (Tarambana Teatro)• Audiovisual Producer : i- tek.es• Genre: Drama. comedy• Author :• Synopsis: A dinosaur, a thief and two washers speakers , among others, are the characters try to solve coup humor and musical numbers, the big questions that have always plagued the homo sapiens. Relative Kaos offers a journey through surreal situations loaded with humor and irony, in which the viewer will be reflected and which will not stop laughing. A more surely failed search for the meaning of life.• Cast: Sonia Rojas , Antonio Nieves and William Dorda• Directed : Nacho Bonacho• Addition Address: Ricardo Cristobal• Drama : Salvador Leal• Original music: Momo Cortes, Diego Miranda, David G. Bonacho and Nacho Bonacho ,• Production Manager: Ricardo Cristobal• Lighting Design: Gustavo Recuero and Carlos Marcos, Voiceovers : Diego Miranda , Sara and Nacho Párbole Bonacho
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Impro Clown System

2014 - • Full title: Clown Impro System (Ex Abruptos) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Improvisation • Author: Various (interpreters) • Synopsis: Improvisational theater show made ​​by clowns. Are you going to lose? • Cast: Oscar de la Fuente, Juan Gamba, Ayelén Cantini , Paco Lidón, Veronica Regueiro , Rubén Hernández, Fernando Figueroa, Javier Pérez • Director: Paul Pundik
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Gangarilla: on the last straw

2014 - • Full title: Gangarilla. On the Last Straw (Corrales de Comedias Teatro) • Audiovisual Producer: i- Tek.es • Genre: Narrative • Author: Arturo Echavarren • Synopsis: Gangarilla. On the last straw for a comic fable three actors inspired several literary works of the seventeenth century, whose argument rescues fantasy, satire and humor the best Golden Age Under the dark clouds that herald the Day of Judgment, is are again three baroque comic, Roque, Paul and Rodriga, willing to be accountable for their actions on Earth before the heavenly court and escape at all costs of the infernal furnaces. Love, humor and death come together in this comedy that under the distorting light farce, confronts us with events that have made ringing noisily the heart of human beings since the indecisive creature that we call the world gave by turning its always huge body in the mirror of the moon. Gangarilla is a festive tribute to the strolling players of the Golden Age, those displaced by major theater companies, roamed the palm of Castile, wandering from town to town , from village to village , from village village cottage in farmhouse. • Cast: Covadonga Calderón , Vicente Nové , Antonio León • Director: Ernesto de Diego • Choreography Directed:  Javier Oliva • Executive producer: Nieves Carrión • Sets: Ras Artisans • Lighting: Jacinto Diaz • Graphic design: Maribel Diaz • Masks : Jorge Añon • Technical: Humberto Morales • Photo: Francisco Romero • Assistant Address: Juan Ramiro • Assistant Production: Marta León • Production Secretary: Esperanza Ordonez
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History of the zoo

2014 - Peter, a married man with two children, took refuge pleasantly in reading any book, sitting in a secluded and lonely Central Park bench, like almost every Sunday. At that time, Jerry, a loser in the suburbs on the east side of the city appears on the scene, totally clueless. Excuse me, I've been to the Zoo, and then I walked to get here, could you tell me if I have walked northwards? "Thus begins a conversation in which both characters are put off to themselves, curiously enveloped in each other's presence. Faced with the stark reality, the resolution of the final scene is inevitable, not to be unexpected and shocking to the public.
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Family under Construction

2014 - • Full title: Family under Construction (Factoría Teatro) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Dramedy • Author: Gonzala Martín Scherman • Synopsis: A crowded theater gear, a group of actors improvising a family. Flowing themes and characters: the mother and her loneliness, resentment among siblings, father and their sermons, the mother and rattle, the daughter rushed the tireless gay son or grandmother will not shut up or dead. Clashes, cries, hugs, guilt, kisses, celebrations, routines and secrets that inevitably arise in the course of this path of love and hate, with jumps between laughter and melodrama, in which you get to such identification as both actors public forget attending a trial and fully immersed in this family that could easily be yours. Do you dare to see it? • Cast: Silvia García de Pé, Ivan Ugalde, Victoria Teijeiro, Chendo Lestao, Salvador Sanz • Directed by Gonzala Martín Scherman  
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Fable of insomnia

2014 - • Full title: Fable of Insomnia (UC3M) • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Narrative • Synopsis: The Court of the foam, an underwater kingdom, the fish suffer the great curse of not being able to sleep. Only Carp King closes his eyes every night and the next day tells his subjects wonderful dreams. Exhausted, the fish swim around the pond imagining the king hidden treasure them with the fairies buying power of dreaming. One day, suddenly appear in the Court three strangers willing to do anything to find that treasure. • Cast: Irene Dominguez, Sergio Ibarra , Nerea Piris , Enrique Chueca , Isabel García , Álvaro Orejuela , Laura García , Paloma García- Consuegra, Javier Moreno, Cristina Vidal, Cristina Vidal, Javier Moreno , Nerea Piris • Director: Abel González Melo • Assistant director: Ruth Cabeza • Original music and soundtrack: Denis Peralta • Choreography: Gema Zazo • Literary Consultancy: Omar Valiño • Stage set design: Rolando Estévez • Costume Design: Marina Raul Diego (from collective ideas) • Design makeup and headdresses: Julián Carrasco • Teachers in the process: Carlos Celdran, Luis Moreno , César Barlo , Fidel Betancourt , Ivan Marcos, Carlos Moya, Head and Mary Ruth San Miguel  
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2014 -   • Full title: Offshore – Faro Teatro • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Surrealism • Author: Seawomir Mrozek • Synopsis: Shipwrecked - representatives of European society reach the end and decide to eat one of them. Follow various strategies to convince one of them to to volunteer. So we spent vulgar random “free and democratic” elections to reach the final sacrifice. There are ways to keep the "civilization" forces. There have been two is history repeating itself? Why no women in this pond? Do they not form our European civilization? The author proposes a character comedy with a touch of surrealism. • Cast: Ignacio Alonso, Pedro Chamizo, Miguel Angel de Juan, Joaquin Abad • Director: Karol Wisniewski
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the mill

2014 - • Full title: The mill – Camaleón Teatro • Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es • Genre: Surrealism • Author: Fátima Colomo • Synopsis: Sancho Panza, after returning from the island of Barataria , with his wife and daughter engaged to tour the villages as an altarpiece in the mill that will narrate different episodes in the life of Don Quixote and will represent your arrival at the sale where it is armed knight, returning to his village, his struggles with windmills, sheep and rams ... with Knight of the White Moon, his meeting with Princess Micomicona , returning to reality... his death. Based on the Cervantinos texts, and drama produced by Fatima Colomo we enter the quixotic dreams , first with real characters: actors and actresses who will develop the framework of the text by the work to the viewer as if it were a fairy dynamically closer everyday language and forms of the Spanish Golden Age, and secondly with puppets, manipulated by the characters who own and interrelated with these will capture us some of the most important passages in the life of the knight of the sorrowful countenance. • Performers: Julio Rotunno, Fátima Colomo, Marta Rotunno • Director: Fátima Colomo
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