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International Cordoba TV is becoming known both at our borders and in some Latin countries, thanks to the signal output via Hispasat. Esma Kucukalic, managing editor of the channel, talks about the innovative and grill offering the advantages of joining the platform ERREQUERRE.

1. - How would you define you, since you are a TV with a very unconventional grill?

We are a cultural channel that purports to be a cultural bridge between the Islamic world and the West, with the aim of pleasing everyone, and that is why we advocate a general programming: entertainment, news, children's and popular science block in the any spectator to see us to find your profile. Likewise intend naturalize the fact Islamic West, and that is why we have opted for a team of professionals with extensive experience in television prime chains, but also young talents to develop their creativity here.

Our staff is comprised of journalists, translators, technical equipment, science communicators, presenters, marketing and PR, with the characteristic of a multicultural company, since we have more than 10 nationalities in the workforce and of course, with a profile interreligious .

2. - Ondas and the Internet, you are as television broadcasting linear while your programs offer an internet through, tell us what is your experience with this model seems to be the tendency of all TV station.

We want to reach out to the Spanish-speaking world, which is why we remain committed to the satellite broadcast as well be in the homes of our viewers in North America and North Africa. Similarly, the public in Spain is essential, and that is why we are in the TDT over 4 cities, and we intend to extend the run to 5 cities with the aim of reaching a diverse population. However, we cannot forget the Internet, as a window to the world and the most immediate means of connecting with the audience. Here, we focus on streaming 24 hours on our website with a superb quality as well as social networks.


3. - The secret to success lies in the development of production to differentiate itself and retain the viewer?

Undoubtedly, our programming is virtually self-produced. In this sense, we are a genuine television because we create from scratch something that has not existed until now in Spanish. The grill has over 20 in-house productions, while in another; the production reaches 55 programs, created exclusively for us. In this regard I must point out that this channel works as a producer in the sense of a very high rate of creating its own program that is intended to be sold. At the same time, our channel broadcasts this production, plus all the bulk of live programming that is a clear commitment to freshness and immediacy today.


4. - What programs own highlight?

Several. Earlier I talked about the direct commitment, in this group are some of our most watched programs: the daily news content generalist "Hadath News" program geopolitical debate about "Hadaz Debate", which features renowned collaborators, front-journalists, diplomats and experts, "the Asr Falling," a magazine of live 3 hours which include entertainment, news, interviews weight, kitchen space, the advice of our doctor, or legal office of our attorney. Likewise the "week to week" in the format discussed in gathering all the news related to the Muslim world, with a space for investigative reporting, analysis and opinion.

The commitment to religious programming is seen in the content broadcast on Fridays, the Muslim holy day. Here are also the direct protagonists. From "Meet your Sheih", which interacts with the audience to answer questions you may have about religion, to "The Khutba of Mecca" which simultaneously translates the sermon in Mecca. Later analyzes "The Khutba in Castilian" live on in our studies in which a scholar Imam gives a sermon adapted to the Western context.

But what are our only direct appeals. We have programs dedicated to scientific as "Pages of the universe", culture and books as "Kutub" the story "revised history" or the legacy he has left the Arabic language in Spanish with "4000 words". The commitment is seen reports on "Business abroad" which analyzes the work of a successful company in Spain and abroad, as well as two blockbusters format documentary "Traces of Al Andalus", a series 16 episodes of the cultural and historical legacy that marked the historical period that included Al Andalus, and "The wounds of Srebrenica", a documentary about the recent history of the Balkans.


5. - What are the next formats that are preparing?

No stop producing programs. The truth is that in recent months we have launched our new grill for the first season of programming. We have many proposals in mind for the new season, as more reports bets for Live Webcasts from different parts of Spain and abroad where viewers follow us and by our original programs that continue to produce new seasons.


6. - Have recently formalized membership ERREQUERRE platform, this situation enables you marketing your production on different continents mainly Latin America. What do you think are the advantages offered ERREQUERRE, besides the global logistics solution?

ERREQUERRE believe that is an advantage to present our young and nurture channel media network that we offer to be part of this platform. We are happy to share space with major television networks and through us know your platform, and interested and for our channel.


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