ERREQUERRE announces the incorporation of Sebastian Diaz as Director of Digital Content
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ERREQUERRE announces the incorporation of Sebastian Diaz as Director of Digital Content

• "The web world doesn’t know about borders. It is a large market in its own conception, the limits today puts technological innovation that goes faster every day"

March 2013. - ERREQUERRE welcomes Neila Sebastian Diaz as the new Director of Digital Content ERREQUERRE, who will consolidate in the domestic and international marketing of this innovative content management integrated platform via Internet.

His extensive experience in the broadcast market will provide added value for international expansion that has taken ERREQUERRE.

Graduate in Journalism and Advertising, has worked in various media for over two decades. Among his professional accomplishments can tell who has participated in the birth of private television in Spain, as a producer for 15 years for T5 international coverage in major world news events during that period. Also participated actively as Executive Producer in creating the first Spanish news broadcast audiovisual services, Atlas Spain.

Manage the IBC at Expo Zaragoza 2008 organizing coverage for all participants’ global television. Also he manages the creation of the television studios UVEAVE in Madrid. During the last few years has been the Director of Production and Operations ITV English in Spain.

RR: After so many years of experience in the audiovisual world, describe how your progression through this new stage work?

SD: The traditional audiovisual world is undergoing a profound conversion, due, in large part, to live with a support which is becoming stronger. They have changed the game. With our tool and can make the contribution of content over the Internet in HD quality.

The professional has to adapt to this new situation, bring all their baggage and adapt to this new way of working. This is our challenge in ERREQUERRE, provide an easy, helpful and responsive to all content handlers and monetization.

RR: What brings ERREQUERRE projects?

SD: ERREQUERRE, once consolidated in Southern Spain, has entered a phase of national and international expansion. Want to get noticed and consolidate itself as a means for both professional and demanding any audiovisual content.

We want to be the container where anyone can search, find and buy what I need to illustrate your idea. We also provide a window for professionals and businesses to find a place to show and sell their work or proposal.

RR: Where is ERREQUERRE going?

SD: As I said before, ERREQUERRE is growing in terms of supply, communication and territoriality. We want to establish ourselves in reference or first choice of anyone who manages audiovisual content.

Soon be expanding our current content offering progressively adding new fields of supply, global daily weather service, content writer, music, a large catalog of movies, etc.

Keep our offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and operating in Miami we have a great and Audiovisual Production Centre of Contents from where we are starting our arrival the Latin American market.

RR: How do you define this content platform?

SD: My ERREQUERRE’s definition is the best, how could it be otherwise, but it is also sincere. I was surprised to discover a group of dedicated professionals with great experience in the media that are contributing decisively all his experience and imagination to grow innovate and meet the needs required by our partners in the best way possible. Our evolution is to have the best content, current information and attractions in the areas of entertainment and fiction.

RR: What markets are interested?

SD: The web world doesn’t know about borders. It is a vast market in its very conception, the limits today puts technological innovation that goes faster every day and of course you acquire commitments.

We are a 100% Spanish capital, and our first priority is undoubtedly the Hispanic world, which today is represented worldwide. That's the market niche we're headed.

RR: Why would you recommend this platform?

SD: Because it is a tool to meet any marketing related images. Our business model is to implement the global portal for marketing images easy, useful and agile. With one web address, the user can purchase content, sell content, edit content, create their own content, and especially strongly collaborate with each to get to meet expectations.


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