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July Garma, Freaklances Project director, believes that "the webseries has found the perfect breeding ground for culture become a new medium of expression", and it is Videoglobal the perfect tool to reach multiple channels

July 2015.- Degree in psychology, specializing in Marketing and Human Resources, and passionate about advertising and communication, this is Julio Garma, the creator and director of Project Freaklances. He assures us that his beginnings as a professional were in the market for online training or e-learning, where he turned to animation to explain complex concepts to clients in the Banking, Health, Management, Military Strategy, Security, etc. One can say that these developments for customers were the germ of "Freaklances" as animated series.

In 2005 he founded his first company VisualMente, an interactive agency specializing in the creation of content and applications for Marketing and Training. "In 2009, and inserted into the crisis Spain to the bars, design “Freaklances” like a Branded action.

"I quickly saw the potential in digital content on the Internet and founded Freaklances Project in 2011 as a producer and distributor of entertainment content online. In 2014, we created in internet FKLPlay.tv distributor with the aim of offering communication and get sales for the webseries and also launched the FEW_Webfest parallel festival, first webseries festival in Spain".

-Where was born Freaklances Project?

Freaklances Project is the business development of the draft webseries "Freaklances". The series had such an impact that we got many orders for animation projects and other series as "Terrakas". Our style of animation and communication is with intelligent humor and quality, like many companies and startups who wanted to present their products, services and businesses through fun and direct animated videos. These projects over the smooth running of the sponsorship of the series showed it had traveled in the market for digital content on the Internet.
In Freaklances Project we are specialized in the production of content, but recently we are also leading a project online distribution FKLPlay.tv fiction. We firmly believe that the production of content formatted for Internet will stabilize and expand at a phenomenal rate and 5 years are fighting for it.

-What scope has had this project in Spanish territory?

Both, "Freaklances" as webserie as the company, have had great impact at the national level, the success of the series has served as an introduction to the arrival of numerous clients, participation in forums of writers, creators, producers, numerous interviews and appearance in digital and traditional media such as El País, ABC, Antena 3, Cadena Ser, Punto Radio, Onda Cero, etc. We have even participated in television shows like "Xtra" of Canal Plus or "La escalera del sótano" in Neox.

-Have you taken this project to international market? How has been?

Both "Freaklances" as "Freaklances Project" have been and are international travel, the series has thousands of followers in Latin America especially in Mexico and Colombia, last year we won the festival Web Fest Baja Mexico in the category of animation; even a distributor of Los Angeles (United States) met us through an interview in the Wall Street Journal, he signed us to try to sell the series in large Channels and Networks of America.
The company has developed projects for companies in LATAM especially in the support of products and services, but has also contributed to the development of several proposed animated series that never materialized.

-The Format of the web series is increasingly taking greater acceptance in the audience. Could you tell me a little why this phenomenon? Can this end the production of conventional TV or is it complementary?

Certainly the webseries have had a far-reaching and acceptance in Spain and throughout the world, are experiencing a time of great seriefilia, which are creating major television series and young artists want to follow the lead of these great productions. But in my view the webseries has a less glamorous origin, I can say without fear of contradiction that the emergence of the phenomenon is mainly due to the crisis, in the year 2008-2009 when the phenomenon began, Spain had gone unsolved in the deepest crisis that is known and young artists and not so young to lack of a job or project paid possessed much free time, creativity, accessible means and what is most important distribution channel unfiltered Internet. Titles like "What a sad life", "Hustler", "No life", "Tenant" and the very "Freaklances" show the harsh reality of getting ahead, independent, find jobs or housing. The webseries has found the perfect breeding ground for culture become a new means of expression, a lot of free time, motivation, preparation, some equipment and a channel to publish to the world.
As to whether the webseries will end with the production of conventional TV I do not think so, I think that the webseries will gain in quality approaching Productions TV budget and TV productions will also be distributed online as is happening already big series like "House of Cards", "Orange Is the New Black", etc. Thus, soon not be discussed or TV webseries but generally series. Perhaps the term webserie you stay as redoubt of those series performed on a budget, released directly to the Internet, but what I am sure is that the channel is internet publication or TV will be increasingly less differentiating.

You're a producer with a broad vision for the future. Where do you think the market will be routed over the next 10 years?

Do not confuse vision with strabismus ha, ha, ha, (laughing). I see 3 lines of creation to be set in the fiction market.

The first and is already working is the production of TV series and fiction continue to produce big-budget with a clear focus premiere TV, but like many of the productions are not going to meet the desired objectives of audience, estimated many of those series that do not work in TV seek a second chance on the Internet. For example, "Breaking Bad" in the Spanish TV did not finish dawn, your schedule is changed, the days of issuance, etc. and that was when people began to see "pirated" and flip on the Internet when it became cult series. Follow TV series is very painful, wait a week to see a chapter can never maintain viewer loyalty. The fans want to consume your product in large quantities if a full season best.

The second line of creation in the fiction market will be sponsored content or as we say now branded content; brands and budget are increasingly clear that the way to get closer to its users and clients and cannot be based on the spot and traditional advertising, a format that stops eating your client can never be well received, this So why not make my mark on the content they want to consume my customers? A very recent example is the short film produced by Estrella Damm and directed by Alejandro Amenabar, a story where beer and summer are as protagonists as human actors themselves. Brands are becoming producers and this is where young artists and filmmakers and also enshrined find new job opportunities.

And the third line will be the most bucolic and also the most difficult, that path where the creator himself who has an idea and have to take it forward. Now increasingly financing tools and markets in which the creators nameless and resources, with only a brilliant idea can make it happen there. Crowd funding, sponsorship of a trademark or brand content, production of the new economy who are with open eyes to new formats, as we do in FKLPlay.tv, distribution platforms as Videoglobal own need and content in the crowd channels that are growing increasingly demand these formats. The creator will have to keep knocking on many doors, but this time the doors will open to help in greater numbers.

-You've been one of the masterminds of the FEW Festival How was that experience and what has been the progress and outcome of this Festival?

The Spanish FEW Webseries Festival was born in 2014 while the Galician festival Carballo, only a year later there webseries and 6 festivals in Spain. This shows that health has this format in Spain and internationally.

The FEW was an initiative arising from various artists and people involved in the webseries, we decided to make a point of seriousness format and seeing that there were numerous festivals in the world, why not in Spain and its capital Madrid. So far so good, but painfully we discovered that the capital of Spain has too much range of events for management or marks are set in such embryonic action, so it was virtually impossible to find sponsors. Thanks to the SGAE we left the room, providing communication and Freaklances Yomvi Project funding awards and some input from the team allowed the festival could take place. We were very satisfied with the result, with few means we can say it was a success and the webseries, both winners and participants, praised the effort.

The second edition, looking should be easier to perform has had additional difficulties, we could not get any financial sponsor and in this case Yomvi could not cooperate in the communication, however the number of registered series was very similar to the previous year, I wish I could be a third edition.

As a lesson learned to develop an event of this type must first secure one or more economic partners providing the minimum expenses that the development of a festival of this kind, to give an example of success in the City Carballo turned in the festival , supporting economically and with all its structure, names the village festival and this has been able to see in the Galician town.

-Besides producer and distributor, you have a fascination with social networking, what makes you an expert on the subject. Do you think that today competes with traditional virtual?

Social networks have been a great discovery for me, I have no specific training in this regard, but I am specialized psychologist in sociology of consumption and marketing and I think I've found useful keys to reach people and create community by offering content and empathy they are waiting for your brand. But we must not confuse social networking with an online store, people or companies dedicated solely to trying to sell or promote their products on Social Media fail.

As for competition with traditional media, it is a bit like the TV and video channels are complementary, each channel has its advantages and disadvantages, in the RRSS can follow both famous people and anonymous, there are specifiers and influencers who They are not mainstream media journalists but they are great communicators innate because they know the media and have more discretion and independence that many journalists who must pay them.

-How do you describe Videoglobal? How it is to your project (web series) helpful?

Well to be honest I had never seen an online content sales platform, known online channels, fairs and festivals where people content your product offers and purchase and distribution channels. So when I found the service I found it very useful and innovative to have a platform to enable once the content and numerous channels can access it and compare it facilitates the distribution and streamline the bureaucracy of forms, invoices, contracts, payments, etc. Thanks to the platform to distribute content in FKLPlay.tv have the ability to reach multiple channels based mail, telephone and aircraft would be impossible to get.

I hope that this platform is the first of many actions, companies and products that open market for fiction in Spain and help us create the market that both crave.


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