El Juglar del Cid

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• Full title: El Juglar del Cid - Tcure Teatro
• Audiovisual Producer: i-Tek.es
• Genre: Historical Musical Comedy
• Author: Pedro Daniel Villora
• Synopsis: El Juglar del Cid is more than an entertaining montage of theater, it is a reflection on our history, brought with striking parallels to the XXI century. Two characters and following the structure of the Cantar de Mio Cid. A fast and fun first hand, precedes the development of the three Songs. Combine the epic, drama and poetry for they tell the story of the only preserved medieval epic almost entirely. In a room decorated with medieval, featuring songs recorded live music, and clear allusions to modern times, the function is developed and interacting with the public in a clear tone of humor, not to mention the rigor of the poem. Teaching, reviewed and fun.
• Cast: Juanma Cifuentes , Israel Ruiz
• Director: Juan Manuel Cifuentes

Theatre , Juglar, Cid, tcure Theatre, Juan Manuel Cifuentes, Juanma Cifuentes , Israel Ruiz , comedy , history, music , XXI century , sing the Cid , epic , drama , lyric , poem, didactic review, CULTURE, ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT









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