And you, what are you laughing at?

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• Full title : And you, what are you laughing? (Alex O'Dogherty)
• Audiovisual Producer : i- Tek.es
• Genre: General Theatre. Monologues .
• Author : Alex O'Dogherty
• Synopsis: And you , what are you laughing at ? He was born of the same question I asked myself one day. Realizing that even I knew what I was laughing , I started thinking that I would have trouble figuring out what people laugh ( although usually just laughs ) . Under this pressure , necessity or pure curiosity that made ​​me laugh do , I began to see what things make you laugh to the rock , and that's when I started to freak out, because not everyone laughs at the same. How then get everyone (or riese ) laugh at a time of the same thing ? And that's when I started to overwhelm me . And people did not laugh . So I decided to tell what they had seen , and that's when people started laughing . I still did not understand why, and I still like that, but they laugh and laugh. This is a river of laughter . It makes me happy and them too. What more do we want? Laugh .
• Artist: Alex O'Dogherty
• Directed: Alex O'Dogherty

humor, laughter, drama, general, comedy, Alex O'Dogherty, monologue, laughing, happiness, world









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