This is my Life. Second Part

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• Full title : This is my Life. Second Part (Atolladero)
• Audiovisual Producer : i- Tek.es
• Genre: General Theatre. Comedy .
• Author : Atolladero
• Synopsis : We are in this type of people who usually sit in front of the TV and grieve with how bad the world is going . Shrinks the heart us and feel the overwhelming need to carry us in the mother who gave birth to the fucking bastards that make the world be as it is. But someone very wise (and if it was not, we do not care ) , we did not see it was truly beautiful screen and talk about what we thought was really important and we should not speak from resentment , pain or anger , but from that place which must serve to see the good in life. To us that we liked and we take to the letter . We decided to change roll and talk about beautiful things. Our show talks about the alternative that we have recently signed about how life taken. Our new motto is " A daggers and penalties on a brave face." A tribute to the lonely and solitary, the fighters and wrestlers , the generous and generous , well people in general and above all... to love.
• Artist: Itxaso Arretxe , Neus Suñé , Xavi Sáez
• Directed: Jordi Fondevilla

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